Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who is that man behind the screen name - I'd just like to thank him

There are message boards on the Internet covering everything from A to Z.  Some people give their full name, others just a first name, and many use a handle like Bigtownman.  I think it is known that I am an enthusiast of Saturday Night Oldies.  However, I can't let it contol my life every Saturday Night since there is a multitude of things to do on a Saturday night.  For years in the 1990s I would trade tapes of radio shows with people in other cities to hear other radio stations.  With the newer technology, people can record the radio on disk and upload the mp3 file to the internet so others can download it.  There is an official Saturday night oldies message board moderated by Allan Sniffen who does not allow handles.  Frank D'Agostino, a reader reader of this journal moderates a Yahoo board for Saturday Night Oldies where he allows handles to insure anonymity.  A regular poster with the handle Medium_Wave_Dx regular posts the show there.  It is technically illegally to do this since copyright laws are being violated.  Likely, this is the reason he uses the handle.  I'd like to thank him for his regularly uploading the show so "multi-enthusiasts" like myself can hear the show at a later time.  There are some super-enthusiasts who stay home every week to listen to every show.  I just can't do that.

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