Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Horse With No Name by America - Random Oldie of the Day

I picked this since WFUV is featuring horse songs this morning.  This was a hit in early 1972 when I started as a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Finally The Mets Won For Us As They Beat The Brewers 4-2

The Mets pitching staff did as they are expected as Robert Gsellman held the Brewers to two runs over 7 innings. Gsellman helped his own cause by driving in one run with a sacrifice fly and another with a bases-loaded walk.  It has been a problem for the Mets starting pitchers to go deep into games this season.  This has put undo stress on the bullpen which has faltered many times this season. Paul Sewald pitched a perfect 8th inning while Addison Reed got the save.  He retired the side in the 9th inning after giving up two singles.

Game recap

Before the game, we hooked up with Jay Buckley whom we first met in 2006 when we went on the first of three tours with his group.  He has since sold his company but often escorts tour groups as he did today at Citifield. I highly recommend that all baseball fans go on one of his tours

Jay Buckley at Citifield

Random Comments on My Last Day of Staycation

It is nice to work for a university which gives 20 vacation and 3 personal days each year.  Even though I did not go away this past week, it is nice to stay home and rest.  The weather wasn't too good this time as Monday and Thursday were complete washouts.  It is raining lightly this morning but is supposed to stop by this afternoon.  We have tickets for the Met game scheduled to start at 4:10 PM.  I hope to hook up with Jay Buckley whom I have not seen since 2006 as his tour group will be at Citifield.

Now there are less than 7 months to retirement for me.  I went to the Social Security Security office this week to ask a few questions.  I am now 68 years old and want to enjoy whatever time I have left.  I have worked since 1974 with a few gaps and feel that it is time for me to move into the land of rest and relaxation.

Back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Listening to WABC Rewound on Memorial Day Weekend

From 1960-1982 Musicradio 77 WABC was the #1 station in New York City.  Since it had such a powerful signal, it could be heard in 38 states at night.  Back then Top 40 radio was the king while other formats had much smaller listeners.

Every year on Memorial Day airchecks from WABC are heard on Rewound Radio.  For once a year it is nice to revisit radio the way it was all those years ago.  In today's era of highly fragmented musical styles, this format could never work again.

I thank Allan Sniffen for making this possible once a year.  He certainly puts a lot of time and effort into Rewound Radio.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Today Will Be Sgt Pepper Day - 6 days early

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was originally released on vinyl on June 1, 1967, as I was approaching my graduation from Forest Hills High School.  Sometime that month I scrapped up enough of my allowance money to buy it from Alexander's record department in Rego Park.  On June 1, 1987, I was working at the New York Public Library on 42nd street and walked down 5th Avenue to a music store on 36th Street and bought the CD.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of this seminal album, so of course, the record companies have to try to make more money on it.  There are 3 versions of the anniversary edition that are available.  I compromised and bought the 2 CD edition remixed versions on Disc 1 and alternate takes on Disc 2.  I am expecting my package from to be delivered today.  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy 76th Birthday to Bob Dylan

Since I am home this week I can spend some time listening to his music.  I will certainly be tuning into as Pete Freckelton will have some special programming.  Years ago the late Pete Fornatale would feature special programming for Dylan's birthday,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Staycation Week

It's that time of the year when I take a week off from work and stay home and relax.  The last few months were very difficult with train delays so I need to get away from New Jersey Transit and the #7 train.  Yesterday I drove in the rain to LIU Post to meet with a colleague to discuss a research project.  On the way there she sent me a text message saying that she had to leave.  So when I arrived at the Post library, I just picked out a book and read for an hour or so and drove home.  Later in the day I had a phone conversation with her about our project.

Today, I will walk to the Social Security Office in Flushing to ask questions about benefits.  If I want to retire at the end of 2017, when do I apply for benefits?  It will be nice to get money back after putting so much into the system over 40+ years of working.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mets Lose to the L.A. Angels 12-5: Maybe I shouldn't Go To Any More Games

Yours truly at today's game

As you can see from the photo above, I don't look very happy as I am sitting through a 12-5 loss to the Los Angeles Angels at Citifield.  The Angels took an early 9-0 lead as they hit 3 home runs off starting pitcher Tommy Milone.  They hit a total of 5 homers and won 12-5.  The only hope is that the Amazins will not fall too far back until the injured players return.

Game Recap

So far the Mets have lost all 3 games that we've seen at Citifield:

May 7 - Mets lose to the Marlins 7-0

April 22 - Mets lose to the Nationals 3-1

Maybe if the Mets lose every time I go to Citifield, I should stop attending games.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Good Luck to Bob Radil on His Move to a New Residence in Connecticut

Photo of Bob Radil at the 2011 Oldies Meet and Greet

Bob Radil and Mary Ellen will be moving this week from " Beautiful, Rural, Connecticut Countryside" to another location in Connecticut.  I haven't moved in over 30 years, but know it is pain to "schlep" all your belongings from one place to another.  In his case, he must have thousands of records, CDs and radio equipment that has to be moved.  Of course, he must move furniture and other personal effects to the new location.

I have been a fan of his Friday night 60s 70s show for many years on Rewound Radio.  I shall continue to listen when he signs on from his new location.  On Friday nights I have to juggle listening his show with watching baseball.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel Really Should Have Been a Bigger Hit

I just checked my Joel Whitburn book and found out that this was released in 1977 but did not even reach the Top 100 chart.  It was on the album The Stranger so perhaps it was never released as a 45 RPM single.  In any event, I should dedicate it on the radio to Maria Denaro and Nanette DiLauro who according to their Facebook posts must have been to every Italian restaurant in New Jersey and many in Manhattan.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Look Who's Number 1 in the NYC Radio Ratings

For April 2017 WCBS-FM was number 1 in the radio ratings.  They got 6.1% of the listeners nosing out Lite-FM by 0.1.  It looks like they are attracting younger listeners who grew up listening to WPLJ and Z-100.  It appears that getting Scott Shannon for morning drive really helped them.

I was elated in July 2007 when CBS-FM dumped the dreaded Jack format and played "classic hits" from 1964 - 1989.  As the years went on they dropped 60s music and now play hits from the 70s-90s.  Last weekend featured 90s number one hits.  I have listened less to the station, but they don't want old farts like me who are not desirable to advertisers.  You can't argue with success.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Missing Mom on Mothers Day

Lillian Slutsky in 2011

Mothers Day just isn't the same since Mom passed away in February 2015.  We are grateful that she lived to the ripe old age of 95.  Today I think of the many things she did for me over the years.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Rare Oldie of the Day - World Without Love by Bobby Rydell

Peter and Gordon had the hit version of this Lennon/McCartney composition in 1964.  Bobby Rydell's cover version only charted at #80 in Billboard but did better in New York.  It was a Pick Hit of the Week on WABC.  If I remember correctly, WMCA played it as well.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10, 1982 WABC Radio Drops Music For Talk

It was 35 years ago today that WABC changed its format from rock to talk.  From 1960-82 it was the premier top 40 station in the nation with classic personalities including Harry Harrison, Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram and Cousin Brucie.  In the early 80s, more people listened to music on FM since the quality is so much better.

Back in those days, WABC was the dominant radio station in the New York market, but obviously, times change.  I just think that over the years talk radio has become too political and promotes the conservative point of view.  I rarely if ever listen to talk stations.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All I Really Want to Do by Bob Dylan in Nellie's Egg Commercial

All I Really Want to Do by Bob Dylan is in this commercial

I guess he doesn't mind since he must get a good royalty for the use of his song in a commercial.  You don't have to be a Nobel Prize winner to have your song used in a TV commercial.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

We See the Mets Lost 7-0 to the Marlins Amid a Matt Harvey Controversey

This morning we heard that the Mets suspended Matt Harvey for three days without pay for violating team rules.  No specifics were given, but there was all kind of speculation on social media.  The Mets recalled Adam Wilk from AAA Las Vegas to pitch today.  He didn't do well as he allowed 6 runs and 8 hits in 3 2/3 innings including 3 home runs (2 by Giancarlo Stanton).  There were some extenuating circumstances as Wilk had to take an overnight flight to get to NYC in time for today's game.  There was no excuse for the Mets poor hitting as they could only get one against Miami pitching.

Since this was a day game there were many young kids in the stands.  I just can't understand why parents take them to the game when it is obvious that they are not interested.  Seeing these kids restless and just standing around and blocking people's views was just distracting.

Game Summary

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dylan Photo Exhibition, Photos of Subway Graffiti, and Hudson Yards

On April 21 I posted in this journal that I became aware of an exhibition of photographs of Bob Dylan taken by Ted Russell from 1961-64.  Today we finally made it to the Steven Kasher Gallery on West 26th Street.  It was a special treat for Lee since he saw for the first time the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station on the #7 line.  We saw that exhibit but were surprised to see another display of photographs of subway graffiti by Martha Cooper.  Back in the 1970s, the subway yards were open and graffiti inside and outside subway cars was extensive.  From there we visited a few other art galleries in the area.  We then walked on the Highline back to the Hudson Yards subway station.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Interview with Pete Fornatale A Few Months Before He Passed Away

I found a link to this interview on Facebook today.  Hopefully, I will find time to watch it tomorrow morning.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pete at the Long Island Radio Expo in April 2010

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Have To Remember to Watch This Video About Joel Whitburn

Joel Whitburn is an American author and music historian based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin who founded Record Research Inc. in 1970 and put together a team of researchers to examine in detail all of Billboard's music and video chart.  Over the years he has edited several books summarizing music chart data.  Over the years I have bought some of his books and have referred to them while listening to terrestrial or internet radio.

Ken Kaiser whom I met once at an oldies meet and greets posted on the Oldies Message Board the video seen above which is a video tour of Joel's fantastic record archive.  It is 34 minutes long and I just have to listen to it.  It is so hard to find the time during baseball season to watch it, so I am posting it on my blog so I'll know where to find.  Hopefully, this weekend I'll find the time.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

All Beatles Channel Coming to SiriusXM

I really enjoy SiriusXM for the variety of music that it provides.  I never had a special radio for it as I only subscribe to the internet version.  I listen on my laptop and iPhone.  I can send the signal from the phone to a Bluetooth speaker.  I was pleased to find out today that there will be an all Beatles channel coming on May 18th.  I will certainly listen to it a few times a week.  There is only so much time in a day to listen to the radio.

Article in Rolling Stone.
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