Saturday, April 30, 2022

Five Pitchers Combine for a No-Hitter as the Mets Beat the Phillies 3-0

I was not at the game last night, but I saw most of it on TV.  When you watch a game, you never know what will happen.  Last night five Met pitchers combined for a no-hitter against the Phillies.  The five pitchers were:
  • Tylor McGill
  • Drew Smith
  • Joely Rodriguez
  • Seth Lugo
  • Edwin Diaz
Tylor Megill, W (4-0)50003501.931888532811143730690.2770.970.22%1.262.4
Drew Smith, H (6)1.10001400.005362413740000000.0870.900.07%1.170.7
Joely Rodriguez, H (2)10002005.8741785032000000.0190.790.01%1.020.2
Seth Lugo, H (4)0.20000004.322522000200100.0450.850.03%1.100.5
Edwin Díaz, S (4)10000301.80313115600000000.0320.420.03%0.540.5
Team Totals900061200.003215998


It was only the 17th combined no-hitter in MLB history and only the second by the New York Mets.  On June 1, 2012, Johann Santana pitched a no-hitter for the first time in the 50-year history of the Mets.  There was some controversy as a ball that hit the foul line in left field was called foul.  Had there been replay in 2012, the batter would have been awarded a double.  The pitch count for Santana was 132 which may have ruined his arm.  The pitch count for the five last night was 159 included 6 walks and many 3-2 counts.

It is certainly a time for Met fans to celebrate as we are 15-6.

Friday, April 29, 2022

I Bought a 9th Generation iPad Today


For many years I have owned Amazon Kindles, but I decided to upgrade and get an iPad.  I think my son Lee would like this very much as well.  I went to MicroCenter on Kissena Blvd and got it at a good price.  I spent some time this afternoon downloading apps for it.  There is an easy way of syncing an iPad with an iPhone which saves time.  I should keep track of how many computers, laptops, iPhones, Kindle Fires and iPads I have owned over the years.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Remembering Searching Dialog Information Services in My Dreams


I have mentioned my dreams about libraries on Twitter, but I think this one will need more than 280 characters.  Last night I dreamed about doing a Dialog search in the library for a patron.  When I started at Schering in 1979 (hello @Bourbonthecat) we searched Dialog all the time to find chemical, pharmacological, and biological information This was before the internet existed, so we had to connect to this online service via a phone modem as seen above.  The modem speeds were very slow. I did search Dialog at NJIT until the late 1990s. I remember the commands:

  • Select
  • Super Select
  • Combine using the Boolean operators and or not
  • Type 
  • Print
Back then all research was done by librarians with the results presented to the staff scientists.

Obviously, changes in technology over the decades have impacted the way we find information.

Dialog still exists, but it was absorbed by Proquest.  There is a brief article in Wikipedia about Proquest Dialog.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Bob Dylan Has Re-Recorded Classic Tracks with T Bone Burnett to Introduce New Analog Disc Technology


I must admire Bob Dylan for being active at age 80.  The details of the announcement in the title of this journal entry may be found at

Music has transitioned from vinyl records to cassette tapes to 8-track tapes to CDs.  If this new technology catches on will music enthusiasts have to buy new hardware to listen?  Will Dylan's music be available for digital download?

We will just have to wait.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Random Oldie of the Day - Time Seller by the Spencer Davis Group


Time Seller by the Spencer Davis Group only hit #100 on the Billboard chart.  I do remember hearing it on New York radio.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Remembering Record Stores in Queens from Years Ago

 Yesterday was Record Store Day, but there are just no more record stores in Queens, so I couldn't celebrate.  Four years ago, I visited Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, but this year I didn't visit any record stores.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to recall record stores that I visited many years ago.

  • Alexanders Record Department - I went there every Friday after school to see what was on sale.  I remember the mono albums were always $1 cheaper than the stereo version.
  • Mr. Simmons Toy Store on 63rd Drive - He sold 45 rpm records.  His store was destroyed in a fire in 1972.
  • Musicam - on Queens Blvd. near 63rd Drive
  • Triboro Records in Jamaica - they had a terrific collection of 45s.  It was across the street from the Queens Library.
  • Sam Goody - this was a chain, but they had a store in the Queens Center Mall
  • Coconuts - they had stores in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center and in Downtown Flushing.
  • Nobody Beats the Wiz - they had a store in downtown Flushing. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Congratulations to Mike McCann on Your Retirement from Radio Broadcasting


Mike and I are both alumni of City College of New York.  I believe Mike got his start in radio at the college station. His first job in commercial radio was at WLNA in Peekskill, NY.  His experiences in radio are detailed in his LinkedIn account.

Mike is best known for his time at WYNY when it was an Adult Contemporary Station at 97.1 FM and later at WCBS-FM when it was the world's greatest oldies station.  He did a terrific job with the Top 20 Oldies Countdown.  In recent years he was a sports anchor for WFAN, WCBS, WINS, and CBS Sports Radio.

Mike is also an expert photographer and maintains a blog called Mike McCann's Field of Photos.  It is obvious that he is a big baseball fan.

I certainly hope that Mike enjoys his retirement.

Above is an aircheck of Mike from September 21, 1983, that Mike gave to radio enthusiast Ellis Feaster who posted it on YouTube.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cruising Down the River by Russ Morgan and his Orchestra - The Number One Song on the Day I Was Born


Today, I became curious about popular music at the time of my birth.  I am quite knowledgeable about popular music from 1955 until the early 1980s, but I know nothing about the pre-rock era.  I did a little Googling and found out that Cruising Down the River by Russ Morgan and his Orchestra was the number one song on my birth date.  The Skylarks did the vocals.

The Mets Gave Me a Happy Birthday as They Beat the Giants 6-2


One must do what he enjoys to have a happy birthday.  Since the Mets were at home for a day game, I just had to go rather than watch it on television.  I was able to get a ticket from Stub Hub for $14 and sat behind home plate in the upper deck.

Starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco was superb as he allowed four hits and walked none while striking out seven over 7 2/3 innings.  At one point he retired 18 Giants in a row.  Francisco Lindor and Eduardo Escobar hit home runs for the Mets who now lead the National League East with a 10-4 record.  They are off to an excellent start despite losing Jacob deGrom to an injury.  Hopefully, he'll be back by early June.

Game Recap

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Random Thoughts of the Day


The sink in my kitchen is clogged.  Since two treatments with Liquid Plumber did not work, I called the super to fix it.  He is supposed to come at 9 AM.

Are Americans really fascinated with the British royal family or are they a creation of the media?  Every day at 7:32 AM the Today Show does a feature on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  At that point, I turn off the TV.

There will be a documentary about radio station WBGO on NJ PBS tonight at 8 PM.  I set my DVR to record it.  I first listened to that station when I heard it on the loudspeaker when I was interviewed at NJIT in July 1992.  That station has always maintained a New Jersey identity.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour Resumes on the West Coast on May 28


It was just announced that the Rough and Rowdy Tour (part of the Never-Ending Tour) will resume on May 28th, four days after Dylan's 81st birthday.  I presume that he will use the same setlist with most of the songs from his latest album,

28 MAY 2022 Spokane, Washington First Interstate Center for the Arts  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
29 MAY 2022 Kennewick, Washington Toyota Center  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
31 MAY 2022 Portland, Oregon Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
1 JUN 2022 Seattle, Washington Paramount Theatre  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
2 JUN 2022 Seattle, Washington Paramount Theatre  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
5 JUN 2022 Eugene, Oregon Hult Performing Arts Center  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
7 JUN 2022 Redding, California Redding Civic Auditorium  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
9 JUN 2022 Oakland, California Fox Theater  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
10 JUN 2022 Oakland, California Fox Theater  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
11 JUN 2022 Oakland, California Fox Theater  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
14 JUN 2022 Los Angeles, California Pantages Theatre  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
15 JUN 2022 Los Angeles, California Pantages Theatre  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
16 JUN 2022 Los Angeles, California Pantages Theatre  ON SALE 4/22/22 VIP
18 JUN 2022 San Diego, California San Diego Civic Theatre

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Diamondbacks 3 Mets 2


For many years the Slutskys have gone to the first Saturday afternoon game of the season at Shea Stadium and then at Citi Field.  The Mets started the season at 6-2 while things looked up for the Amazins.  Any organization is as good as its weakest point.  Today the bullpen didn't perform as Seth Lugo gave up a two-run homer to Sergio Alcantara. Ketel Marte's double drove in a third run for the Diamondbacks which was enough to beat the Mets.  The only highlight for the Mets was a two-run homer by Starlin Marte which was just not enough.

The five Met pitchers struck out 16 Diamondbacks, but what good is that when you lose the game?

Before the game, Lee and I stopped by the statue of Tom Seaver that was unveiled yesterday.  Below is a picture of Lee who was born after Tom retired.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Tom Seaver's Statue is Unveiled by Citi Field Today


There were big crowds outside of Citi Field this morning as the statue of Tom Seaver was unveiled.  He was certainly "The Franchise" as he turned the Mets from perennial losers into winners when he came to the team in 1967.  I think a statue should have been erected in the early 1990s just after Tom was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I certainly will pass by there every time I go to a Mets game.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

100 Pounds of Clay by Gene McDaniels -Sung by a Washing Machine Repairman


Yesterday, the washing machine that I used in the laundry room of my building did not work after I loaded my clothes.  Unfortunately, my clothes were locked in the machine, and I could not get them out.  I called the company that services the machines.  A repairman did not come until today, over 24 hours after my machine broke down.  When I went down to the laundry room, the man was singing 100 Pounds of Clay that was a hit for Gene McDaniels in 1961.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

PTSD and Dreams


I am in contact with Din, a former colleague, through Twitter.  He suggested that my dreams about visiting my former employer may be a symptom of PTSD.  Here is what I found in

"Nightmares are a feature of PTSD. Even general nightmares can feel life-threatening, but with PTSD, they are actually tied to an existing trauma that happened in the near or far past."

Facing transit delays or doing an unpleasant task are unhappy experiences, but they are not traumatic.  Is an unpleasant experience a nightmare?

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Why is My Subconscious Punishing Me?


I often remember dreams that I have if they occur shortly before my normal wake-up time.  Last night I dreamt about returning to my former employer and weeding books from the library collection.  On my way home I encountered a bad delay on New Jersey Transit.  Why do I have to experience this again?

When I awake, I should be grateful that I no longer have to go to work or ride on New Jersey Transit. I have documented many bad commutes in this journal over the years.  I had a companion blog where I documented transit delays over the years.

I just never had the desire to visit my former employer.  Several of my former colleagues either retired or moved to other jobs in the 4+ years since I retired.  I don't have bitter feelings toward the university or any individuals.  I just feel I should move on and let go of the past.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

The Mets are off to a Good Start


It is only two games into the season, but the Mets are off to a good start.  In Game 1 on Thursday, they beat the Washington Nationals 5-1.  Tylor Megill allowed only three hits in five innings as a substitute for Jacob deGrom who may be out for two months.  Robinson Cano and Mark Canha were 2 for 3.

I watched last night's game on Apple+ TV which was offered for free at least for this week.  I pay enough money for cable TV and now there are several streaming services like Disney+ which are extra.  Anyway last night the Mets beat the Nationals 7-3.  The "lowlight" of the game was when Francisco Lindor was beaned by Steve Cishek.  Fortunately, Lindor was not seriously injured and passed the concussion protocol. Max Scherzer won his first start for the Mets while Jeff McNeil went 3 for 4 including a home run.

It is a long season.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

RIP Bobby Rydell


We found out yesterday that Bobby Rydell passed away at age 79.  My favorite hit of his was Wildwood Days although I have never been there.  Phlash Phelps just played it on the 60s Gold Channel on SiriusXM.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

I Contain Multitudes - Bob Dylan Song of the Day


This is the official audio of I Contain Multitudes from YouTube.  There are likely several recordings that were bootlegged from the Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour on YouTube.  Likely, they will eventually be deleted.  When I peruse old postings from Bruce's Journal I observe that many videos that I posted were deleted.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Looking Forward to the Baseball Season


Baseball season will begin this Thursday, April 7th.  There was some anxiety during the lock-out that was finally resolved.  When Steve Cohen bought the Mets, he stated he wanted a World Championship within 5 years.  The team performed poorly in 2021 with a 77-85 record.  Several player moves were made in the off-season to improve the team:
  • Pitcher Max Scherzer
  • Third Baseman Eduardo Escobar
  • Outfielder Starling Marte
  • Outfielder Mark Canha
  • Pitcher Chris Bassitt
There has already been one setback as Jacob deGrom will be sidelined because of a stress injury in his shoulder.

The big questions are:
  • Will the players perform?
  • Will injuries decimate the team?
The big events at Citi Field this year will be:

  • The retirement of Keith Hernandez's number
  • Old-Timers Day

Friday, April 1, 2022

What is the Sense of Having Rules and Regulations on Bicycles if They Are Never Enforced?


NY1 news aired a report last on problems with bicycles on sidewalks.  The reporter demonstrated many bicycles on the sidewalk on the upper west side of Manhattan.  I observe this problem in my neighborhood and in downtown Flushing.  Large e-bikes that are used for deliveries are especially a problem.  Over a year ago I had to jump on a snowbank to get out of the way of an e-bike.

There are regulations regarding the use of bicycles in New York City.  It explicitly states that riding bicycles on sidewalks is explicitly prohibited, and the bike may be confiscated.  It also states that if a bike is used for commercial purposes, the business must be identified.  Also, bicyclists must obey traffic signals.

What is the sense of having rules and regulations when they are never enforced?

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