Thursday, March 4, 2021

There Should Be Term for All Federal and State Offices


I usually don't comment on political issues, but here I go.  Elected officials often act in an arrogant manner once they have been in office for a long time.  Andrew Cuomo is a perfect example of an elected official being a bully after 10+ years in office.  Here are my suggestions:

  • All New York State executives and legislators are limited to two 4-year terms.
  • U.S. Representatives be limited to two 4-year terms with their elections held when there is no presidential election.
  • U.S, Senators be limited to two 6-year terms
  • Supreme Court judges are limited to one 10-year term.
It is possible that changes will happen at the state level.  However, it will take an amendment to the U.S. Consitution for anything to change at the federal level.  I doubt if 75% of the states would approve this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I Got The First COVID Vaccine Today with Excellent Service for the Walgreens in Downtown Flushing

 Persistence does pay off as I was able to get an appointment for the COVID Vaccine at the local Walgreens.  My biggest surprise was how efficient the service was at Walgreens in Flushing. My appointment was at 2:30 and I got the shot at 2:25.  It was over in a few seconds.  My appointment for dose 2 is on March 31 at Walgreens in College Point.  I am not familiar with that immediate area so I will have to take a drive over there to see if there is a parking problem there.  If so, I can take the Q20 bus there.  

I originally thought I would get my vaccination at Citi Field, but I could not get through.  Walgreens is actually more convenient.  I heard on the TV news that people had to wait for hours at Citi Field for their shot.  Hopefully, fans will be allowed in the stadium early in the 2021 season.  I certainly missed going to games last season.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Who's Zoomin' Who by Aretha Franklin - A 1985 Hit That Should be Heard on the Radio Today


Zoom in 1985 is not what Zoom is in 2021.  I think many people today have attended many Zoom meetings over the past year.  I have not heard this song by Aretha Franklin on the radio at all.  It peaked at #7 on the Billboard charts.  Does anybody know if the classic hits stations are playing this?

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Bob Dylan 1970 was Released Yesterday

This 3-CD set obviously does not include new recordings but does include previously unreleased outtakes from the sessions that produced Self Portrait and New Morning, as well as the complete May 1, 1970, studio recordings with his future bandmate Harrison, which capture the pair performing together on nine tracks.  In 1988 Dylan and Harrison teamed up again as part of the Traveling Wilburys.

I was amused by Dylan's cover of Yesterday.  A few years ago there was a CD called The Art of McCartney where many artists covered his songs.  It included Dylan singing The Things We Said Today.  His voice was rough in that recording but is quite mellow in this 1970 cover of Yesterday.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Another Beatle Book is Coming


A few weeks ago I stated that there are too many Bob Dylan books out there.  Likewise, there must be hundreds of books written about the Beatles collectively and about the four individual members.  Paul McCartney just announced in November he will publish a memoir titled "The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present."  This will be a two-volume 960-page opus that will examine 150 songs that McCartney has written.  Thus, it is not an autobiography.

Since this 2-volume set is coming from the songwriter, it should provide new insights.  Likely, it will read like a reference book.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Thank You Jack Sullivan For Dedicating a Song to Karen on WESU-FM Radio


WESU is a college radio station affiliated with Wesleyan University in Middleton, Connecticut.  It can also be heard anywhere at Its programming is very eclectic including shows from the BCC and NPR,  Jack Sullivan has an oldies show that is heard Tuesday evenings from 8:00 - 9:30 PM.  A few years ago he promoted his show on Facebook, so I thought I'd listen.  Much of his show is requests from listeners.  Over the past few years, he did play several of my requests.

On tonight's show he made some kind comments about Karen and played I Couldn't Live Without Your Love by Petula Clark who is one of Karen's favorite artists. We saw Petula at BB Kings in December 2017 .  Please listen to the wonderful dedication that Jack made for Karen.

Suggestion - Once a Year Throw Out Unwanted Items from Closets and Drawers in Your Apartment


There is a TV commercial for a company where if you have junk in your house, just point to it and it will disappear.  Believe me, it is not that easy.  I have started to go through my apartment and found out that my beloved late wife Karen was a hoarder.  She did not throw anything out. For example, I found invitations to weddings and bar mitzvahs from over 30 years ago.  I must be very careful since there may be some important documents among the junk.  Thus, this is a very slow process.

Rome wasn't built in a day and I don't have a time limit, but this is a very unpleasant task.  I suggest everyone look through belongings and discard what is not needed about once a year.  I would make life a lot easier years later.

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