Saturday, June 15, 2019

Researching Bob Dylan Fanzines at the Performing Arts Library of NYPL

At the recent World of Bob Dylan Symposium I heard the following talk:

James Adams, “Get in on the Action and Scribble” – The Fugitive World of Bob Dylan Fanzines

I have been a subscriber to the British fanzine Isis for a few years and at one time subscribed to On The Tracks which ceased publication.  I wanted to go to NYPL and find some of the fanzines that he discussed.

The Telegraph - NYPL only had the Autumn 1991 issue which marked its 10th anniversary.  It was published in the UK by the late John Bauldie and had the full cooperation of Dylan's office.  It considered literary, musical, cultural, and photographic aspects of Dylan.  Past issues included interviews of D.A. Pennebaker and Allan Ginsberg.  The issue I viewed had an interview with Robbie Robertson.

Changin' - the Dylan Magazine - NYPL only had one issue no. 10 from Summer 1979.  It seemed amateurish.  Brian Stibal was the editor and publisher.  The issue I viewed included an interview of Happy Traum

Series of Dreams -  this was the companion newsletter to On the Tracks published by Rolling Tomes in Colorado.  It was ephemeral as it included announcements and concert reviews.  It seemed unusual that NYPL had some copies from 1993-97, but nothing of On The Tracks.

Cardinals 9 Mets 5 as the Bullpen Implodes

The Thursday Night game was suspended in a 4-4 tie as wet grounds prevented the game from resuming.  The game was picked up in the bottom of the 9th inning at 6 PM on Friday, but the Cardinals scored in the top of the 10th to win 5-4.  We left the house at 6 PM, and by the time we arrived at Citi Field that game was completed.

The regularly scheduled game began at 7:10 PM with Steven Matz starting for the Mets.  The Cardinals led the game 4-2 in the middle of the 7th inning.  The Mets scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th and took a 5-4 lead.  Mickey Callaway brought in Jeurys Familia in the 8th inning who promptly gave up a game tieing home run to Paul DeJong.  Later in the inning, he gave up a 3-run home to Dexter Fowler to make the score 8-5.  Familia was given a 3-year $30 million contract and he has just sucked this season with a 6.75 ERA.  The Cards scored 1 more run off Hector Santiago in the 9th inning to make the final score 9-5.

Game recap

Thursday, June 13, 2019

My Comments on Rolling Thunder Review: A Bob Dylan Story

I went to the Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center at Lincoln Center today to see Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese.  It was a much different documentary than D.A. Pennebaker's Don’t Look Back which documented Dylan’s tour of England in 1965.  Most of the film consisted of footage of the 1975 tour where Dylan and his entourage played before small audiences.  Filmmaking is certainly an art as Scorsese combined concert footage, dialog from 1975 and interviews that were done recently of Dylan, Joan Baez, Allan Ginsberg (died in 1997), and other performers.  A film that showed only concert footage would be boring, so Scorsese did a good job at combining components.  I didn’t see the point of showing Richard Nixon who was out of office by 1975.  Likewise, a scene showing the attempted assassination of Gerald Ford was not necessary.  I did enjoy scenes with Jimmy Carter who quoted Dylan in some speeches.

Allan Ginsberg was certainly an active player in the Rolling Thunder Revue, but I felt that he got too much screen time.  I would much rather have seen more of Roger McGuinn.  My favorite scene was when Roger introduced his own lyrics to Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.  Dylan gave him a look that is indescribable.  An article in Rolling Stone states inaccuracies in the film, so we can’t expect perfection.

This film is a must for all diehard Dylan fans.  The casual listener may not understand much of the minutiae.  Since I don’t have a subscription to Netflix, I had to see it in the theater this week.  I assume it will be eventually released as a DVD.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Random Thoughts of the Day

I had a dental appointment this afternoon so I had to miss the rescheduled Subway Series game.  I guess I was lucky as the Mets lost to the Yankees 12-5.

So far I have listened to 7 of the 14 CDs on the Rolling Thunder box set.  I will be seeing the movie on Thursday at the Lincoln Center Cinema.

In September there will be no more ESPN Desportes on 1050 AM radio.  The national feed on ESPN radio will be heard on 1050 AM while the local programming will continue on 98.7 FM.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mets 6 Rockies 1

Let's hope that the Mets are ready for the Subway Series Part 1 in the Bronx as they have won 4 out of their last 5.  Todd Frazier seems to be out of the doghouse as he hit a 3-run home run in the first inning and added an RBI double in the fifth.  Noah Syndergaard was superb as he allowed only 1 hit in 7 scoreless innings.  Jeurys Familia for the second outing in a row pitched a clean inning.  Hopefully, his problems are now solved.

Game Recap

I want to make a comment about many patrons (I can't call them fans) who come on Sundays.  They often bring small children who are restless and obviously are not interested in the game.  Likewise, there are groups of adults who are gabbing about non-baseball matters.  Tickets, even in the nosebleed sections, are not cheap these days.  I would suggest taking the kids to an event that they will enjoy.  A picnic would be more appropriate and less expensive.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Whitney Biennial Today

Artwork by Ellsworth Kelly - Part of the Whitney Biennial

Sixth months ago we saw the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum.  It was time to take a walk on the Highline from 14th Street to the end to see the Whitney Biennial which opened a few weeks ago.  It is an event curated by Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley who want visitors to know what is happening today in American art.  It features 75 artists and collectives working in painting, sculpture, installation, film, video, photography, performance, and sound.  It was introduced by the museum's founder in 1932 and is the longest-running exhibition in the country.

There was obviously no single theme or artist singled out which is obviously opposite of the Warhol exhibition.  I picked out one work at random to put in this journal entry.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Mets 7 Giants 3 in a Thursday Day Game at Citi Field

Guess What? This journal entry is not about Bob Dylan.

One nice thing about being retired is that I can always go to weekday afternoon games and not have to worry about missing work.  Since the NYC schools were closed today, Karen had the day off, so we could go together.

The game started for the Mets with back-to-back home runs by Amed Rosario and Dom Smith.  It was only the third time in Mets history that they started a game with 2 home runs.  Brandon Belt hit a 2-run homer for the Giants in the top of the fourth to tie the game while a solo homer by Pablo Sandoval in the 6th gave the Giants a 3-2 lead.  Jeff McNeil drove in Juan Lagares with a single to tie the game.  Todd Frazier hit a 2-run homer in the 8th to give the Mets the lead.  A double by Lagares and another single by McNeil gave the Mets some insurance as they took a 7-3 lead.

Mickey Callaway brought in struggling reliever Jeurys Familia to hold the 4-run lead.  He pitched a clean 9th inning as the Mets won 7-3.

Game Recap
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