Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Bob Dylan Dickie Betts Connection

 It was reported today that Dickie Betts of the Allman Brothers passed away at age 80.  In the video seen below Otis Gibbs talks about Dickie's opinion of Bob Dylan.  He is reading from Pledging My Time: Conversations with Bob Dylan Band Members by RayPadgett.

Below you can hear Bob Dylan and Dickie Betts singing Ramblin' Man in 1995 in Tampa.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday Afternoon Trivia at the Older Adult Center


On most Tuesday afternoons there is a one-hour trivia session at the older adult center in Bayside.  It is one activity when I don't have to hear anyone complain or monopolize the conversation.  Most questions are relatively easy as the social worker picks them from a nostalgia book.  I gave her some cards from a Jeopardy game I had at home.

Women predominate in all the activities at the older adult centers.  Demographically there are more older women alive than men. Few men are attracted to the activities offered there.  I don't ask personal questions of the attendees, but I assume most are widowed.  Couples just don't need to be there.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Mets Beat the KC Royals 2-1 after the Ceremony to Retire Doc Gooden's #16


Before the game, there was a ceremony to retire Doc Gooden's #16.  He played most of his career with the Mets as his best year was in 1985 when his record was 24-4 with an ERA of 1.53.  He led the Mets to the World Championship in 1986.  His family and teammates from the 1980s were at the ceremony.  He last pitched for the Mets in 1994.  Most of the fans in the stands likely never saw him pitch.

After a short rain delay, the game began and became a pitcher's duel between Jose Butto and Cole Ragans.  It was a scoreless tie until the bottom of the eighth inning when the Mets scored two runs on 4 walks and an infield single off relief pitcher Chris Stratton.  Edwin Diaz came in the 9th inning but gave up a home run to Vinnie Pasquintino.  The Mets held on for a 2-1 victory.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the Opening of Citi Field


Where did all the years go?  I must have gone to a few hundred games over its 15-year history.  There have been changes over the years.  When the stadium opened,  the outfield fences were too high and too far away from home plate.  They called it the "Great Wall of Flushing".  The scoreboards were modernized and expanded.  Many players have come and gone over the years.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

OJ Simpson is Dead at 76 - I am not Crying Over it

 I do not want to grace my journal with a photo of OJ Simpson.  Everyone remembers his trial in 1994 after he was accused of killing his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  Back then the media had a field day with the story and the ensuing trial.  Simpson had renowned lawyers defending him.  They could show the jury there was enough reasonable doubt to acquit Simpson.  In my opinion, justice was denied to the families of Nicole and Ron.  I remember seeing a report of young African-American students applauding when the verdict was announced.  He was later found liable in a civil case.  In 2008 Simpson was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in Nevada and did serve jail time.

As far as I am concerned OJ Simpson was a low life.  I was not crying when I heard about his death.  I will not watch any media coverage of his funeral.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

I Live for the Sun by the Sunrays - Forgotten Oldie from Yesterday


Yesterday, of course, was the day of the solar eclipse in North America.  90% of the sun was covered by the moon in New York City.  Since I couldn't get the special glasses, I didn't go outside to view it.

I Live for the Sun by the Sun Rays peaked at #51 on the Billboard chart in 1965. I reached #45 on the WMCA survey, but WABC did not play it.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

More Frustration with the Older Adult Centers


I want to go to the older adult centers to derive enjoyment, but this endeavor has failed for me.  By the way, an older adult is a euphemism for senior citizen.  I can be derisive and call them old farts or to use the Yiddish expression alta cocker.

Most of my experiences have been disappointing.  This organization has locations in Little Neck, Bayside, and Forest Hills.  At first, I went to the Little Neck Center which had discussion groups.  I attended three groups for a few months.  The problem was that often a few people monopolized the conversation, and I just couldn't get a word in edgewise.  Other times, the topic at hand was not of interest to me.  I thought the social workers who led the group should have done a better job at moderating.  Out of disgust, I stopped going.

After a few months I started to go to the groups at the Bayside location.  I was especially interested in the trivia group they had there.  There were also other discussion groups.  I thought the social worker there was more personable and the smaller groups were allowed for more equal participation.  The groups were alright for a while, but then people complained about various issues.  Why must I listen to a woman talking about her medical ailments and bitching about her insurance company?  Another woman related a sob story in her family.  I observe that there is a rift between the men and women coming.  I’m not going there to get a date, but I wish the people would be friendlier.

I will continue to go to the trivia group, but likely I will never go to the discussion groups and feel frustrated and saddened by what transpires.  I would be happier staying home and reading a good book.




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