Saturday, August 24, 2019

Braves 2 Mets 1 in 14 innings

We headed over to Citi Field last night as this game was part of our package, but we didn't think it would be a very late night.  The Mets tied a major league record with their 8 pitchers striking out 26 Braves, but they still lost the game.  Jacob deGrom became the first pitcher to homer and strike out 13 batters in the same game twice in one season.  His home run turned out to be the only run scored by the Mets in this 14 inning marathon.

The Mets couldn't hit in the clutch as they left the bases loaded in the 10th inning and runners on first and third in the 11th.  The bullpen was effective until the top of the 14th when Jeurys Familia gave up an RBI single to Billy Hamilton.  The team gives player multi-million dollar contracts over a few years and they just don't perform.  There was no walk-off celebration last night.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mets 9 Indians 2

It is unusual when we go to a night game during the week, but we had rainchecks from the game on Mother's Day.  We usually sit in the Promenade behind home plate, but when we exchanged our tickets we were given seats in the Coca-Cola corner in right field.  At the end of the third inning, we observed there were plenty of seats in our usual section, so we moved over.

This was an interleague game with Mickey Callaway facing his former team.  The Met hitting came alive with two-run homers by J.D. Davis and Michael Conforto. Steven Matz pitched a credible game for 6 1/3 and the bullpen for once was perfect.  This game marked the return of Ruben Tejada to Citi Field for the first time since his collision with Chase Utley in the 2015 NLDS,  He received polite applause when he was introduced as a late-inning defensive replacement.  He has no hits in 9 at-bats since his recall, so it is likely he will return to the minor league when Jeff McNeil comes off the injury list.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On My Bookshelf - More Baseball and Dylan

I just received this book about an hour ago for my Amazon Kindle. One can save money by buying new books on the Kindle.  The print version of the above book is $28.95 while I spent only $9.99 for the e-book.  Print books are often heavy and difficult to schlep around.  It is written by Louie Kemp who knew Dylan as a kid.  I'll start reading it today.

This is another book that I bought for the Kindle.  It is an autobiography of former baseball commissioner Bud Selig who discusses how baseball has changed over the years. It will certainly evolve even more in the years to come.  Baseball is too much of a business and there is too much reliance on analytics.

I obtained this 6-year old book from the Queens Library.  It wasn't at the local Mitchell-Linden branch, so I arranged to have it sent there.  There are various chapters on Jews who were players or executives in major league baseball.  I don't have to read the entire book.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Shelter from the Storm Would be a Good Title for a Movie About Bob Dylan Fans

Yesterday we saw Blinded by the Light, a film about a Pakistani high school student living in Great Britain in the late 1980s who was greatly moved by the music of Bruce Springsteen.  I was never a great fan of "The Boss" since I was entrenched in the music of the 1960s and 70s as the other Bruce came to fame in the 1980s.  I have a compilation CD of his plus a few more of his CDs that I bought at record fairs. I am familiar with his major hits, but not his deep tracks.

There is a good review of the movie in the New York Times.  I was sad to see how this Pakistani student was taunted by his British classmates who disapproved of his ethnicity.  The student's father hated Springsteen and thought he was Jewish.  I don't want to give away anything more about this film, but I do recommend it highly.

Certainly, Bob Dylan has moved thousands of fans over the past 57 years.  I would recommend someone produce a movie on this but trace the fan's devotion to Dylan over many years.  His music and words have often sheltered me from a storm.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Congratulations to Doreen Mettle on Her Retirement

Doreen made a speech at my retirement party in December 2017

Doreen Mettle retired today as Director of Circulation and Interlibrary Loan at the NJIT Library where she worked for about 29 years.  I had a nice conversation with her over the phone yesterday as we reminisced about some experiences on campus.  She requested a small reception with coffee and cake as opposed to a large retirement party.  It was a pleasure to work with during my 25 years at the library.  I wish her the best of health and happiness in the years to come.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Welcome Back Ruben Tejada to the Mets - You Deserve a Standing Ovation

Ruben Tejada was an infielder for the Mets from 2010-2015.  In the 2015 National League Division Series against the Dodgers his leg was broken by a dirty slide by that creep Chase Utley.  Sadly, after that time Ruben never played for the Mets.  He briefly played for the Cardinals, Giants, and Orioles and was signed to a minor league contract to the Mets this season.

Last night Jeff McNeil injured his hamstring and was put on the 10-day injury list.  Ruben Tejada was recalled from AAA Syracuse to take his place on the roster. He is in the starting lineup in the game at Atlanta. A little justice has been served with his return to the Mets.  Let's hope he does well in his time back on the big club.  In any event, he deserves a standing ovation when he returns to Citi Field since he literally took a hit for the team.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Another Bob Dylan Song is Misplaced in a Movie

It was a rainy and dreary day today, so Karen and I walked over to the local multiplex and saw The Kitchen which refers to the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan (extreme West 40s).  The film took place in the late 1970s when that area was quite seedy.  There are many luxury high rise apartment buildings in that area today.

This journal entry is not meant to be a movie review, but to comment on a placement of a Bob Dylan song.  I will say that I thought it was too violent with too many murders.  A snippet of Don't Think Twice covered by Melanie appeared just after a funeral.  That song was about a breakup of a romantic relationship and was just not appropriate for this film.  The full version of Melanie's cover can be seen below.  In 2015 I criticized a version of Masters of War placed in the movie Selma.

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