Thursday, July 24, 2008

Upgraded my cell phone

After much though during this week away from work I decided to make a small upgrade to my cell phone since I didn't want to incurr unnecessarily big costs each months.  I spend enough time online, so I decided not to get a PDA.  Karen and I walked over to the AT&T Store in down town Flushing and were able to upgrade to a Nokia 2600 as seen in the photo above.  We only had to pay $18 to transfer phones and $30 for a case.  We signed up for a two years plan with 450 anytime minutes and 5000 night and weekend minutes.  This phone has internet and text messaging capabilities, but it would cost an extra $15/month.  Without a QWERTY keyboard, I would be limited to short messages anyway.  So when I return to work on Monday, I'll tell Maria the first thing in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

good choice. you don't need a smart phone unless you want people to expect you to be available all the time.

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