Friday, July 18, 2008

Approaching 9000 hits

Almost 9000 hits

The hit counter was at 8974 as of 5 PM today.  I will close the computer by 6 PM and not log in until about 10 AM or Saturday so I don't know when I will reach 9000 hits.  The number is misleading since it counts when I make or edit an entry.  I'd like to thank the following known readers:

Dave D - radio enthusiast from Chicago

Alan B - The Distinguished Professor of Saturday Night Oldies

Frank D - The Dean of Saturday Night Oldies listeners

Heather H - Ms. Information Literacy from NJIT

Mike B - alumnus of the NJIT Library now in Arizona

Mike S - fellow member of Forest Hills High School Class of 1967

Din G - future physician who scanned his way through the NJIT Library

Thanks to all lurkers who chose to remain anonymous

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, at this writing: 9:13 EDT, your hit counter reads 8984. Congratulations on approaching the BIG 10,000! I would give it another month before opening up the good wine.

It's interesting we both have two different forums to dispense information.

My Journal does not record "me" as a hit when I make an entry or edit. This is from my home computer. It will advance one digit if I scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "next."

Two parent companies and two different systems.

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