Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spotlight on WMTR - Morristown and other NJ Oldies stations

I have a GE Superradio that can pick up distance radio stations.  From Flushing it can pick up WMTR (1250 AM)  in Morristown, NJ about 40 miles away.  I lose the station after sundown when the it must lower its power. When I first heard the station it was playing adult standards, but around 2002 it played oldies primarily from 1955-1963.  They must have been jumping for joy in June 2005 when WCBS-FM was hijacked.  Since at that point they were the only broadcast station in the region playing oldies, they expanded their playlist to include 1964 to the early 70s.  They have mained that format with local DJs until today when they adopted a satellite oldies format after 10 AM.  They had to let go their local disk jockeys.  The station's owners Greater Media also owns WCTC at 1450 AM from New Brunswick, NJ.  Until today they were a talk station including some local programming, but just took on the same satellite oldies music as WMTR.  At the same time WNNJ at 1360 AM  from Newton, NJ owned by Clear Channel adopted the syndicated True Oldies Channel.

The sad thing about this is that local suburban programming has been abandoned.  Several local radio personalities have lost their jobs.  These stations also webcast.  A few years ago former WCBS-FM overnight personality Max Kinkel did mornings at WNNJ.

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