Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mets Beat Colorado 3-0 for 8th in a Row

We were sitting up in Section 5 of the Upper Deck and saw the Mets beat the Colorado Rockies 3-0.  We were a little concerned when Pedro Martinez left after the 4th inning with no explanation.  When I got home the explanation on the Mets web site was that Pedro experienced shoulder stiffness.  When you are at home you immediately hear the explanation on TV or radio.  The 5 Mets pictchers allowed only 1 hit.  In 47 years in the team's history, no Met pitcher has thrown a no-hitter.  Box score.

I arrived home about 7:35 and was able to hear most of Saturday Night Oldies.  As I am writing this memo the Distinguished Professor is sitting in his hotel room in Newport, RI listening to this show with his laptop. 


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