Monday, October 30, 2023

Dance Me to the End of Love - Bob Dylan Covers Leonard Cohen


Bob Dylan performed this in Montreal on October 29, 2023.  I wouldn't be surprised if it is taken off YouTube.

Bob Dylan Busy Being Born - A Documentary done in 2020

I found this by accident while searching YouTube.  There is some footage I had never seen before.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

My Favorite Local Restaurants on Saturday or Sunday Nights

Once a week I must get out of the kitchen.  Lee and I go to a handful of local restaurants so that I can have a break from cooking. Here are some of our favorite restaurants:
  • Uncle Bill's Diner - It is within walking distance of our home.  The decor is non-descript, but the food is good and reasonably priced.
  • Ginos of Whitestone - It is also within walking distance.  Sometimes we go just for pizza, but they offer a full menu of Italian food
  • Bens of Bayside -  It is the only kosher deli left in Queens.
  • Applebees - the one in the Bay Terrace Mall closed so we have to drive a little further to Fresh Meadows.
  • Outback Steak House - since I have steak at home, I usually order roast beef here.
  • IHOP - there is one at 156th Street and Northern Blvd.  Lately, we go to the one at the Bay Terrace Mall since it is larger.  I just love their chocolate chip pancakes.  Their dinner menu is limited.


Thursday, October 26, 2023

Mixing Up the Medicine is the Ultimate Bob Dylan Book


In February 2021 in this journal, I commented on how many Bob Dylan books are enough?  In the 2 1/2 years since then, there have been several books about Dylan published.  This week Mixing Up the Medicine described as the most comprehensive book published about Dylan's works was published. The title was taken from Subterranean Homesick Blues released in 1965 on the album Bringing it All Back Home.

The book is unique since it unlocks treasures from the Archive of the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It includes over 1,100 images curated from still and moving images held in the Archive.  There are thirty original essays written by distinguished scholars.

I just started reading the book last night, so I can not critique it.  Ironically, I was listening to a podcast on Definitely Dylan about the book late yesterday afternoon when I received my delivery from Amazon.  Dylan scholar Laura Tenschert was interviewing Mark Davidson and Parker Fishel who wrote and edited the book.

As the book is 600 pages, it will likely take me a long time to finish it.  It is now 1:30 PM and the outside temperature is 73 degrees which is quite warm for NYC in late October.  I will finish this journal entry, close my computer and schlep the book downstairs to a convenient park bench.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Random Thoughts of the Day


I am still mulling over whether I should get a new iPhone since I have owned an iPhone 8 for five years.  It still runs well, but the iPhone 8 will not get the new IOS 17.  I think I'll decide soon.

I always examine the number of hits each post gets in Bruce's Journal.  The posts with music videos get few posts, but the post about Mumbles being my favorite Dick Tracy villain has received hundreds of hits.

The situation in Israel and Gaza is so sad especially with so many civilians on both sides being killed.

The government in Washington is so dysfunctional.  No legislation can be passed until a new Speaker of the House is elected.  I don't think that will happen anytime soon.  I just dread the thought of Donald Trump being elected president again.  How can people support an alleged criminal?  His legal problems energize his supporters.

Friday, October 20, 2023

I Want You by Bob Dylan - 1978 Live at Budokan; 1966 from Blonde on Blonde

 Bob Dylan appeared at Budokan in Japan in 1978.  There was an album released at that time with selections from that concert.  Next month The Complete Budokan 1978 will be released via Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings. The album features restored, remixed, and remastered recordings from the Tokyo concerts.  Yesterday a video of I Want You was released.  Let's compare it to the original studio recording from Blonde on Blonde.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Today's Visit to the Center for Jewish History

 The Center for Jewish History describes itself as the largest and most comprehensive archive of the modern Jewish experience outside of Israel.  This was the first time I visited their facility at 15 West 16th Street in Manhattan.  It is more scholarly than the Jewish Museum which I have visited several times.  I came specifically to see the exhibit JEWCE.

I found out about this exhibit from a report on NY1 by Roger Clark.  I also found out that fellow Bob Dylan enthusiast Danny Fingeroth was a contributing curator. The dynamic exhibition brings together an impressive collection of original artworks, historical artifacts, and interactive installations celebrating the rich tapestry of Jewish narratives depicted through the lens of comics and graphic storytelling.

Superman took care of Hitler and Mussolini in World War II

I spent some time perusing the other sections of the museum.  There was also a research library there, but I did not go in.  I think have visited enough libraries in my dreams recently.😁


Sunday, October 15, 2023

18th Anniversary of Bruce's Journal Today


On October 15, 2005, I wrote my first entry in this journal.  18 years and 4823 entries later I am still at it.  Here are some statistics:
  • 268 entries per year
  • 22 entries per month
  • 5 entries per week
Major Topics I have covered include
  • New York Mets
  • Other Baseball
  • Bob Dylan
  • Oldies Music
  • Radio
  • Random Thoughts
  • Jeopardy
  • Biography
I usually avoid politics.  I have my opinions, but I rarely write about them here.

There have been 1,400,000 page views, but I don't know how many of them are robots.  I rarely know who reads my entries.  Some people comment when I post my entries on Facebook.

Thanks to all those who have read my journal.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Joan Baez I am a Noise


For the first time in several months, I traveled to Manhattan to see a movie.  It certainly was worth the trip to see a biographical documentary about folk singer Joan Baez.  Her "noise" is beautiful and based on her principles. It was directed by Miri Navasky, Karen O’Connor, and Maeve O’Boyle and is an intimate exploration of Baez, comprised of interviews, artwork, home videos, diary entries, and even tapes of her in therapy, capturing one of the most important voices in the American folk music.

It considers the romantic relationship between Joan and Bob Dylan in the sixties.  There is some footage that may be outtakes from the documentary Don't Look Back.  The film details Joan's activity in the civil rights and anti-war movements.  It covers relationships with her family.

I highly recommend it for folk music enthusiasts.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Oldies Meeting and Greet will Transition to a Zoom Meeting

The late Randy Safuto (Randy and the Rainbows)
at the 2017 Oldies Meet and Greet

There have been yearly oldies meet and greets held in Manhattan since 2006. The event was an outgrowth of our outrage over the terrible format change at WCBS-FM in June 2005. Almost all of the events were held at Ben’s Deli on West 38th Street. Over the years we have had several radio personalities and singers of some of our favorite oldies as guests. Early this year the Manhattan Bens Deli was sold and is now known at Mr. Broadway. They are asking $44 for a sandwich, fries, and soft drink which is significantly higher than what we paid in the past.

In previous years, up to 80 people attended the event. In November 2022 only 25 came. There were two reasons for the big drop-off:
1. During the two-year gap caused by the pandemic many lost interest
2. Women were afraid to travel to Manhattan by public transportation.

We feel that the higher price would deter many from attending this year and in the future. We investigated other venues in Manhattan that were even more expensive. We have decided to hold future meetings virtually through Zoom. We have some ideas for a theme, but nothing has been finalized. However, we need someone to let us use the account for this event. If you can help us out, please let us know.

We thank all who have attended one or several past events.

Bruce Slutsky (
Jeff Scheckner (JmandJs@aol.com_


Sunday, October 8, 2023

Bob Dylan Song Appropriate for the Tragic Events of the Past Few Days


Great Guitar Riff, but read the lyrics carefully.

Thank You Tom Natoli for Your Wonderful Tribute to Bob Shannon


Tom is on the bottom left with the NASA shirt
The other men are his fellow Survey Guys including
Ken Kaiser, Alan Ross, Charlie Menut, and Joe Pergola

Bob Shannon at CBS Radio Day at Yankee Stadium in 2010

Radio personality Bob Shannon has appeared many times in this journal.  Oldies Radio enthusiast, trivia maven, and radio personality on Pop Gold Radio Tom Natoli has spent many hours preparing a tribute to Bob Shannon.  Charlie Menut (seen above) and Phil Meynis recorded 10 hours of this tribute.  Keep in mind that this is only Part 1 of 3.

The recordings may be found at:

Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Word Friend is Misused on Social Media

 The dictionary defines a friend as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

It is obviously misused on Facebook since I never met most of my "friends".  I have had many of them only once and some I have not seen in decades.  When I dabbled in dating apps, some of the women I encountered immediately called me their "friend".

I will include this journal with "That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne Warwick and others.  The video includes the lyrics.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Partisan Politics Are Ruining This Country


Every elected official must do what is right for the country.  Sadly, in recent years legislators have done what is best for their party. Republican Kevin McCarthy was duly elected as Speaker of the House.  He did what was best for the nation by teaming up with Democrats to pass a bill to fund the government for 45 days when hopefully a budget for the entire year will be passed.  The House Republican caucus contains about 20 hard-right members who sometimes support radical measures teamed up with Democrats to remove McCarthy as Speaker.

There is an ideological cold war between Democrats and Republicans and between the blue and red states.  There is so little bipartisan to pass legislation that is beneficial.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Closing Day at Citi Field - Buck Showalter is Fired and the Mets Lose to the Phillies 9-1


For several years, the Slutskys have come to Shea Stadium or Citi Field for the last home game of the season. As I arrived at my seat eating a hot dog, I read a message saying that Buck Showalter was fired.  The screen in centerfield posted "Thank You, Buck".  When he brought the lineup cards to the umpires the entire team got out of the dugout and applauded him.

The team fared poorly with a record of 74-87.  I still don't know if the suspended game of last Thursday's game will have to be completed.  Anyway, you can't fire the team, so you fire the manager.  In my opinion the poor record of the team should not be blamed on Buck.  I think General Manager Billy Eppler made some bad trades that hurt the team.  When Uncle Steve Cohen bought the team, he said he would bring a world championship to Flushing in five years.  He's got two years to go.  Will David Stearns, the incoming President of Baseball Operations perform miracles.  I think he will bring Craig Counsel from the Brewers to manage the Mets.

As far as today's game was concerned, starting pitcher Joey Butto did well as he allowed two runs and five hits in six innings.    However, the bullpen faltered as the Phillies scored six runs in the ninth inning to make the game a blowout.  The offense for the Mets was weak as they made only two hits include a home run by Tim LoCastro.

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