Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Radio Rituals


I guess I am a person with a habit of listening to radio stations at the same time of the day or day of the week.  Here goes:

Most Weekday Mornings
  • WFUV - with Corny O' Connell
  • WBGO - with Gary Walker

Morning - Classic Vinyl on SiriusXM
Afternoon - The Village on SiriusXM


Mornings - Willie's Roadhouse on SiriusXM
Afternoons - Deep Tracks on SiriusXM


Mornings - 60s on 6 with Phlash Phelps
Afternoons - The Loft


Mornings - Outlaw Country
Afternoons - Classic Rewind

Mornings -Rock Hall
Afternoons - BB King's Bluesville


Mornings - WFUV with Janet Bardini followed by Elvis Channel and Rhythm Revue on WBGO with Felix Hernandez
Afternoons and evenings - Don Tandler's Time Machine on Pop Gold Radio followed by Cousin Brucie on WABC

Mornings 1010 WINS followed by America's Greatest Hits with Scott Shannon on WCBS-FM
Afternoons and Evenings  - Jon Wolfert's Jingle show on Rewound Radio followed by That Thing with Rich Appel on Pop Gold Radio

There are always variations in my listening habits.

Monday, September 27, 2021

It is Official -Bob Dylan Resumes Touring in November and Will Perform at the Beacon Theater


The 2021 Tour from November 2 - December 2 was officially announced on BobDylan.com .  He will appear at the Beacon Theater from November 19-21.  This is only three concerts compared to 10 in 2019, so it may be difficult to get tickets that will be available on October 1  I assume that proof of vaccination will be required.

It is titled Rough and Rowdy Ways World Wide Tour 2021-2024.  The title "Never Ending Tour" was given by rock journalists including tour dates from 1988 to the present.  It is obvious that he will play many songs from Rough and Rowdy Ways.  In 2024 Dylan will be 83 years old so it is very possible that this is a "farewell tour".

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Hot Rumor - Bob Dylan Will Play at the Beacon Theater in November/December


These Dates are Not Confirmed - It is a rumor as of 9/25/2021

Bill Pagel is an avid Dylan fan and collector. He has more than 15,000 photos, 4,000 concert posters. and 18 four-drawer file cabinets filled with manuscripts and ephemera. He owns the Minnesota native’s childhood homes in Duluth and Hibbing, not to mention little Bobby’s highchair.  He maintains a website called Boblinks dedicated to providing information about concerts and links to other Bob Dylan websites.  The image above was taken from that site.

Dylan is now 80 years old.  Does he have the stamina to do 10 concerts over a two-week period?  I'll just have to wait to see if this actually happens.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Disadvantageous of Having a Good Memory


In 2010 I wrote an entry about autobiographical memories after 60 minutes aired a story about it.  I have always had a good memory of people, places, and events of the past.  It seems that bad memories always predominate.  It is easy to remember conflicts I had with people many years ago even if they were minor.  Traumatic events often come to mind. Is this normal or is it just me?  Some of the bad experiences were:
  • Being let go from a job
  • A relationship that didn't work out
  • Arguments with colleagues
  • Rejection, both socially and professionally
  • Being bashed by the boss
I guess it is better than the other extreme of being very forgetful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Go 'Way Little Boy - A Dylan Rarity Not Included on The Latest Bootleg Series


Last night I had a lengthy conversation with Dylan enthusiast Steve Joyce.  He brought to my attention this Dylan recording that was not included in the recently released  Bootleg Series Volume #16.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Springtime in New York - Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol 16 is Out


When my doorbell rang at 5:45 PM last evening I knew it was the delivery man from Amazon.com with my special package.  As a serious Dylan collector, I have all the bootleg series with close to all of the legally released albums on vinyl, cassette, or CD.  I have the deluxe edition that includes 5 CDs and a book.  If my friend Roy is reading this it costs $116.20.  I must thank Amazon for being prompt in delivering the set on the day of release.

It is obviously aimed at serious Dylanolgist since it includes numerous outtakes and alternative versions of Dylan songs released from 1980-85 which most critics feel does not contain Dylan's best works.  I am sure the Dylan scholars will have a "field day" critiquing this set.  I expect to become aware of several podcasts within a few days.  Will I have time to listen to them?  As of 12 noon on Saturday the 18th I have only listened to CD #1.  Am I spending too much time with baseball and this blog?

I just don't understand the title Springtime in New York.  Were the sessions recorded in NYC during the spring?  I am sure that my scholarly friends will know the answer.

There is a review in The Telegraph, but a subscription is required.  The subtitle of the article states:

These bootleg sessions remind us that Dylan’s worst period is still more interesting than most artists’ purple patches

I do not consider the 80s to be Dylan's worst period.  To me, it is a toss-up between the born again Christian period and the adult standards he recorded earlier this century.

With advanced degrees in Chemistry and Library Science, I am not a Dylan scholar.

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Latest on the Jeopardy Host Situation with My Speculation and Suggestions

 This is an exact quote from the official Jeopardy website

Beginning Monday, September 20, Bialik will serve as the host for several weeks of episodes, which will air through November 5. After that, Bialik and Jennings will split hosting duties as their schedules allow through the end of the calendar year.

My speculation - in 2022 Mayim will become the permanent host of Jeopardy.  Her previous commitments precluded her from getting the gig now.

My suggestions - rotating hosts should do the tournaments and specialty shows as everyone had their favorite guest host.  This would include Buzzy Cohen, Ken Jennings, and Levar Burton.  It appears that the "powers that be" at Sony Pictures Television did not want anyone with previous game show hosting experience to be considered.  I disagree with that and suggest Meredith Viera and Brooke Burns be invited to host tournaments.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Yom Kippur Messages from Previous Years in Bruce's Journal


I thought I'd review what I wrote about Yom Kippur from previous years in Bruce's Journal and put the links in.





Monday, September 13, 2021

The Matt Amodio Show Resumes Tonight


You can learn much about Matt Amodio from seeing the video above which tells of his 18 victories on Jeopardy, most of which were decisive.  His style is similar to James Holzhauer as he picks the most expensive clues first so he builds a big lead that is insurmountable as his opponents are left with the $200 and $400 answers.  Matt usually gets the Daily Double correct and bets large in the first round.  He bets conservatively in Double Jeopardy to protect his lead.

How long will his run last?  You'll never know when a champion can slip up on a Daily Double or in Final Jeopardy.  David can slay Goliath.  I remember the contestant that finally beat Ken Jennings was a one-time winner.  Perhaps Matt will eventually appear on The Chase.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Previous Posts in Bruce's Journal about September 11


I did a search of posts that I wrote in previous years about the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  I am providing links to them.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Oldies Meet and Greet will be a Zoom Meeting in Fall 2021


Bruce, Karen, and Lee at the Oldies Meet and Greet in 2009

Jeff Scheckner and I concurred that for safety reasons we should not hold the traditional oldies meet and greet this Fall.  We felt that it was not advisable to have 50 or so people in close proximity at a restaurant at this time.  I also found out that Ben's Deli in Manhattan is closed on weekends until further notice.

We will try to have a Zoom meeting instead and will look for speakers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

I Must Completely Let Go of My Former Employer by Not Looking at Websites


After retiring from an organization after 25 years, I maintained a little curiosity as to what happened thereafter I left.  I was able to learn much by looking at the library’s websites.  For example, I found out that my successor left after two years on the job partially because she had a long commute.  I suffered through a long and complicated commute for 25 years.  I found out three former colleagues retired after 25+ years of service.  I just found out the University Librarian reorganized the department.

I was frustrated in my efforts to keep in touch with former colleagues through email or phone calls.  It turned into a one-way street with no reciprocity.  Only two colleagues kept in touch with me.  Another person just clicks on “Likes That” in Facebook and Twitter.  That is not keeping in touch. I learned the hard way that “out of sight out of mind” supersedes keeping in touch.

I made a Jewish New Year’s resolution not to look at the library’s website any longer.  After 3 ½ years I feel that I must move on and let go completely.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Rosh Hashanah Wishes


My best wishes to all of my readers for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Seeing Strawberry Fields, a Beatles Tribute Band, 12 Years Later at the City Winery


Till There Was You by Strawberry Fields

We took Lee to see Strawberry Fields at BB Kings for his 21st birthday in 2009.  After 12 years we thought it was time to see a Beatles tribute group again.  Sadly, BB Kings closed a few years ago, but Strawberry Fields have taken their show to the City Winery.  The group leader mentioned that they played at BB Kings for 18 years.

8 Days a Week was the first number as the group wore outfits as the real Beatles did at Shea Stadium in 1965.  They played songs throughout the group's years, but not in chronological order.  I thought that they should have started with Please Please Me or I Want to Hold Your Hand. Till There Was You as seen above was played.

After an intermission, the group wore outfits from the Sgt. Pepper era and sang later Beatle songs.  They later dressed as the Beatles did during the rooftop concert.  The performance concluded with the Abbey Road Medley.

I enjoyed the concert but preferred BB Kings as a venue.  City Winery offered a limited brunch menu while there was a large buffet at BB Kings.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Random Thoughts of the Day


Thankfully, there were no major problems in my neighborhood after Ida.  The Mitchell-Linden branch of Queens Library located on the ground floor has been closed on account of flooding.  Hopefully, no books were ruined and damage was limited to a wet floor.

I drove on the Grand Central Parkway this morning and saw several abandoned cars on the side of the road.  There was one car abandoned on a side street in my neighborhood.  After three days the owners should see if they can start the car.  If not, call a tow truck.  It is possible it is hard to get a tow truck these days.

Right now I am listening to an aircheck from WOR-FM from 1970 on Rewound Radio.

Lee and I will be seeing a Beatles tribute group tomorrow.  I will write it up when I get home.

I wish the "powers that be" and Sony Pictures Television would finally make a decision on a permanent host for Jeopardy.  Do they really need more guest hosts?

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Down in the Flood - Bob Dylan Song of the Day


This song is appropriate after the events of last night.  You can read about it in The New York Times.  About 3 inches of rain was recorded in Central Park in just one hour.  I have not yet ventured out, so I don't know how my neighborhood was affected.  I usually do my laundry on Thursday morning, but I checked and noted the basement was flooded.  I'll check in a few hours to see if the maintenance men cleaned it up.
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