Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miserable Train Delay on the Trip Home Today

My lousy commute home was normal today until the #7 Express reached 61st Street in Woodside.  After sitting for about 10 minutes, the conductor says that there are signal problems and took the train out of service.  We were told to take the #7 local.  After another 10 minute delay, it stopped at 69th Street where it stayed for 15 minutes.  It then pulled in to 74th Street where the conductor said that all #7 trains are terminating.  I had 3 choices:

1. Wait out the delay at 74th Street - who knows how long it would take?

2. Go Back to 61st Street and take the Long Island Railroad - there would be throngs of people waiting to get on.

3.  Walking to Northern Blvd (1/2 mile) and take the #66 bus to Flushing.

I chose option #3.  The bus was slow and crowded but I finally arrived home at 7:05.

You never know when you can hit a bad delay on mass transit.  Likewise, when you are in a car, you never know when you will have to sit in bumper to bumper traffic.


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Anonymous said...

Bruce, I hear you on this. The drive into Chicago at rush-hour is horrible. What kills me is the stupidity of many drivers. Too engaged talking on their cellphones and not paying attention to the road. This leads to accidents which leads to more gridlock and wasted time.

I'll bet you can't wait for the weekend.

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