Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Was There with Todd Haynes on a rainy morning

In November 2007 I saw the Bob Dylan Biopic I'm Not There directed by Todd Haynes.  In May 2008 I viewed the DVD version of the film. In the DVD version there was the option to view the film with commentary by Todd Haynes.  At 9 AM this morning I was going to go out and sit on a park bench to read, but there was a brief shower.  I came back upstairs and put the DVD on and watched listening to the commentary which overrode the dialog.  I was able to understand more about the intracacies of the film by hearing his comments.  Since Todd was born in 1961, he was a small child during Dylan's prominence in the mid 1960s.  He gave credit to his editor Jay Rabinowitz for being the Dylan expert on his staff.  My suggestion is that if you buy or rent a movie on DVD, you should view the special features.

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