Friday, July 18, 2008

Lucky Find at the local public library

Since the weather forecast predicted a very hot day, I want to get out in the morning so I drove out to Alley Pond Park where I took my stroll and did some reading.  I stopped by a Nathan's hotodog store in the neighborhood.  I had to pay $5.50 for one hot dog, french fried, and a soda.  Back in the 1960s that would be less than $1.00.  Anyway, when I got home I stopped by the local public library.  Since it is so small, I go there with very low expectations of finding a timely book.  I really lucked out and found the recently published biography of Bobby Murcer titled Yankee for Life.  Sadly Bobby passed away last week at age 62.


Anonymous said...

I treated my late mother to a Nathan's hot dog while in New York, too many years ago. I thought they were great! I honestly don't remember what I paid at the time.

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Anonymous said...

My hatred of the Yankees is well documented but even as a wee Red Sox fan, I respected Bobby Murcer.  He the played the game with a lot of moxie.  I like moxie.  Rest in Peace.

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