Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Last Game at Yankee Stadium

My first game at Yankee Stadium was in 1958 just after the Dodgers and Giants left for the west coast.  For 4 years they were the only major league team in NYC.  My best Yankee memory was back in September 1961.  I went to the game against the Red Sox with family friend Mickey Kessler, his son Lenny, my Uncle Ben, and my cousin Jeff.  We wanted to see Roger Maris hit his 61st home run.  We went on the last Saturday of the season, but Roger hit #61 the next day.  I was in the car with my family when we heard the news on the radio.

When the Mets started in 1962 my allegiances went from arguably the best team in baseball history to the worst.  I didn't go back to Yankee Stadium until the late 1970s after Tom Seaver was traded from the Mets.  I will always remmber the soda spilling game in 1980 agains the Cleveland Indians.  Anyway, in recent years Karen Lee and I have gone to two Yankee games a season.  This year I went to the first Saturday game against Tampa Bay, but couldn't get tickets for later in the season.  In May while I was at the South Street Seaport I found a Yankees Store that sold tickets.  The weekends were sold out, but I was able to get tickets for Monday June 30th against the Texas Rangers.  I went to work and met Karen and Lee at the seat about 6:30 PM.  They tried to get there early to see Monument Park, but came a little too late.  Anyway, the Yankees could only score once on an Alex Rodriguez home run.  Texas won 2-1.  Goodbye Yankee Stadium.  Hopefully next year we can go to two games at the new ball park now under construction across the street.

Some photos that we took may be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/Bigtownman/YankeeStadium2008

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