Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Thoughts on the Closing of Yankee Stadium

Much has been said and written recently about last night's last game at Yankee Stadium and the opening of the new stadium in 2009.  There is certainly much tradition associated with the New York Yankees and the Stadium which opened in 1923.  The original stadium was completed renovated in the mid 1970s.  I am glad that the new Stadium will not have a corporate sponsor.  However, the new stadium will cost $1.3 Billion much of which will be the burden of tax payers.  Is this welfare for the rich?  How much will we have to pay for a seat in the upper deck?  Will the salaries of ball players go even higher?

There are many poor people living within block of the stadium.  They obviously can not afford to go to a game.  25 acres of parks were taken away for the new stadium.  Some people feel that the stadium (1976-2008 version) should be preserved as a landmark.  The real landmark was the original 1923-73 building.  The old stadium must be demolished to provide park space to the residents of the South Bronx.  I read that there will be several baseball fields at that site.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce-I would like to add some comments on Yankee Stadium. First of all when Yankee Stadium is demolished, it will not be replaced by a Parking Lot. It will be replaced by 4 Baseball Fields for the Kid's who live in the Area. As far as Yankee Stadium goes, I feel The Yankees are making a big mistake by building a New Yankee Stadium and replacing the old one. You are taking away Baseball History. The Current Yankee Stadium where Baseball was played for 85 years is on the same spot where Babe Ruth played and this will not be the case with The New Yankee Stadium. The Current Yankee Stadium had it's faults but it was a Landmark and it should have been preserved. I am happy that The Cubs and The Red Sox will continue to play in their current historical ballparks. Yankee Stadium is being replaced because of the Greed of The Yankees to sell Corporate Boxes. I guess this means more to the team than preserving Baseball History.-snofan1

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