Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interesting HD2 radio stations

About two years ago I bought an HD radio to get the HD2 stations that represent formats not heard on ordinary analog FM radio.  For example, there is WKTU-HD2 that plays country music.  When Smooth Jazz was dropped in favor of Rock at 101.9 FM, the old format was moved to the HD2 channel.  Most HD2 stations can also be heard on internet radio.  Clear Channel which is one of the biggest owners of radio stations in the US, lists their HD2 stations with links to their streams at http://www.clearchannelmusic.com/hdradio/ ,  I have explored this site and found one interesting station WPYX-HD2 from Albany, NY.  It is described as Classic Vinyl.  The station plays classic rock leaning toward Folk Rock.  I try to listen to it a few times a week.  It can also be heard on another Clear CHannel HD2 station from Charlotte, NC. Here I go again talking about one radio station while listening to another.

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Big whoop - HD Radio is a farce:


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