Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shea Goodbye for the last time

At about 10 AM I turned on WFAN and heard Mike Francesa say that Shea Stadium was a dump.  It is outdated and nondescript but I certainly think it is quite irresponsible for a sports radio personality of his stature to call it a dump.

Anyway as we left for the Stadium it started to rain.  In 45 years I never saw so much autmobile traffic heading toward the stadium.  People are advised to take public transportation, but I guess people just love their cars.  the game was schedule to begin at 1:10 PM, but the rain pushed that back until 2:00 PM.  Oliver Perez started for the Mets and pitched creditibly, but Scott Schoenweiss gave up a home run and Florida won 4-2.  Game Summary .  simultaneously the Milwaukee Brewers defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-1 to clinch the wild card.  For the second season in a row the Mets lost a chance to advance to the playoffs on the final day of the season.

I brought my camera and took a few pictures that may be seen at  I have an inexpensive camera with a zoom lense so I couldn't get close-up pictures of the field.

After the game there was a parade of former Mets stars including Tom Seaver, Willie Mays, Mike Piazza, Ed Kraenpool, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and many others.  Shea Stadium certain brought some very wonderful memories to Met fans over  the years.  Even though it was outdated, and nondescript I will miss it.  Citifield will be more luxurious, but a lot more expensive.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce-You are listening to the wrong guy calling Shea Stadium a dump. Mike Francesa is a diehard Yankee Fan, what do you expect. The Mets did not deserve to win because of their bullpen and they do not play good fundamental Baseball and you are hearing this from a Mets Fan. As far as I am concerned, the highlight of the day was the Post Game Festivities when all the Old Mets were introduced. I am sorry too see Shea Stadium go and I will miss the place.-snofan1

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