Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mini Meet and Greet of Saturday Night Oldies Enthusiasts

From SNO Gathering September 21
I would like to thank Terri Du and Alan Berman for arranging this Meet and Greet and Bens Deli in Bayside Queens. Another thanks goes to Patrick Guice who traveled from Toms River, NJ to Queens to meet some of the message board posters. Alan Berman dazzled the people at our table by his knowledge of the history of New York City Oldies Radio. He has earned his title as Distinguished Professor. He is welcome to add his comments here any time. His screen name is snofan1. Until recently, only Facebook suscribers could see his comments, but now they are available to everyone on the Internet. We also phoned Dave DuBrow from Chicago and Joe Postove of Norfolk, VA who are well known to the community of Saturday Night Oldies listeners. For photos that I took, please go to Pete Ritzert and Eileene Gianetta also took photos. I will post links to their photos when they become available.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce-Thank you for allowing me to post anytime. I am glad you and everybody else had a good time at our event. I am very glad than Karen and Lee came as well. I am looking forward to planning more events in the future. I am looking forward to the Big Meet and Greet in December as well. You mentioned about my Knowledge of NY Radio. Now you know why I am called "The Distinguished Professor of SNO".-snofan1

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