Monday, September 8, 2008

They were shouting Carlos Delgado for MVP

The Met game for Sunday September 7th was part of out 7 pack of tickets.  The game was oringinally scheduled for 1 PM but was moved to 8 Pm to accomodate ESPN.  The pitching match was Johann Santana against Cole Hamels.  The Mets pulled out to a 3 -1 lead and eventually won the game 6-3.  Santana lasted for 7 1/3 innings until the bull pen took over.  We just found out that closer Billy Wagner may miss the rest of the season with an injury.  Carlos Delgado was the hitting star of the game with two home runs and a double to drive in 4 runs.  He got off to  a slow start this season but the fans were shouting MVP when he came to bat.  There were plenty of Phillies fans at Shea since Philadelphia is only 100 miles away.  There were a couple of attractive young ladies with Phillies shirts a few rows ahead of us.  When they went out for food, they were resoundly booed.  At the end of the game a guy with a David Wright shirt asked the Phillies fan for her phone number.  I don't think she gave it to him.  It would be a long way to travel for a date anyway :)

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