Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Penultimate visit to Shea Stadium was disappointing

We had tickets to this 3:55 PM game which was originally scheduled to be a single game but was expanded to a doubleheader due to last night's rainout.  Johann Santana was the starting pitcher for the Amazis and pitched until the 8th inning.  This time Jerry Manuel made a mistake by leaving him in too long.  The Mets were leading 2-0 after 7 innings, but Santana gave up two singles in the 8th when he was removed for Scott Schoenweiss who gave up a single that became the winning run.  As in many recent games, the Mets scored early, but could not add more runs.

Years ago the Sunday doubleheader was the rule, not now they are only played to make up for rainouts.  Back then the games were much shorter, but today most games are more than 3 hours since managers often bring in a pitcher just to face one batter.  We decided to leave after the first game at 7 PM. Most of the crowd left at that point. It turns out that the Mets are leading 4-0 in the 5th inning of the second game.  Lee is in the living room watching the game while I am listening to Saturday Night Oldies.

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snofan1 said...

I guess this is starting to look like I repeat of 2007. All of us Mets Fans hope not.

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