Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Bob Dylan Internet Radio Station

Expecting Rain is a very popular web site for Bob Dylan enthusiasts.  I checked it out a few days ago to see if there was an announcement of the beginning of the third season of Theme Time Radio Hour.  I didn't find that but  found a link to .  Wow!!  They are playing the most terrific rarities. Right now I am hearing Dylan sing the Carl Perkins song Matchbox that was also recorded by the Beatles.  I think I am going to sit home all day and night and listen to it.  I will not go with my family to a football game.  I will listen to Dylan radio from 6 PM until 10 PM tonight.


Anonymous said...

Bruce-Thanks for the link but I have an obligation to listen to Saturday Night Oldies tonight and The Mets are playing tonight as well. I will check this out another time.-snofan1

Anonymous said...

These single artist radio stations don't seem to have "legs." Here's my take on this....

Commercial radio stations have tried all Beatles, all Elvis, all Rolling Stones formats. They have all come and gone.

Internet radio stations are of a different genere. It's possible enough people will listen to keep a Bob Dylan only format going. But, here's the problem...the burnout factor. It makes little difference it Bob Dylan has a catalog of 10 albums or 100, eventually some will tire of hearing all Bob all the time.

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