Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

They say you should never reveal a woman's age.  Since my mother was born in Europe her actually date of birth was not recorded.  She always celebrated her birthday on September 4th.  Happy Birthday Mom and many many more.

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phoenixellen said...

WOW Bruce---you and Joyce are FIRST GENERATION American-born. My sister and I are second generation...both our parents were born in New York; three of our four grandparents were born in Europe--Russia/Romania...our mom's mom was born here, though her older sister and brothers were born in Russia.

Have you ever gone online and found the ship manifest showing your mother and her family's arrival here? I found my father's mother--it was very exciting!!

Happy Birthday to your mom. She looks TERRIFIC Bruce...God Bless her. May she live for many more years in good health and with much happiness. You, Joyce, and your families are a blessing to her and having her still here with you is a blessing to you all!! Please tell her I remember her fondly and send her my love.

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