Monday, September 1, 2008

Spotlight on Brian Matthew

I discovered Brian Matthew and Sounds of the Sixties by accident a couple of years ago as I was browsing a message board of sixties music a few years ago.  Please see the Wikipedia entry detailing his biography.  At age 80 he sounds absolutely terrific.  This is a perfect way of using Internet technology to hear a radio show that I could never get over the air.  A few years ago I requested Niki Hoeky by P. J Proby which I last  heard 40 years ago on WMCA.  Reg Tomkins, an NJIT Professor of Chemical Engineering who is British, actually heard my request when he was on vacation in the UK.  About a year ago Brian played my birthday dedication to Karen.

I like the eclectic music mix of British hits that did not chart in the USA coupled with the regular American and British oldies.  The show is hear live on Saturday morning from 3 AM - 5 AM Eastern time, but I can listen to the archived version anytime during the week.  I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night.  I usually listen to it on Sundays, but this week it was not posted until Monday.  Mark Simone did mention Brian a few times over the past few months on Saturday Night Oldies. (Hi Frank)  I should also thank the many people behaind the scenes at BBC2 (Phil "the collector" Schwern is the only one I remember) for making the show possible.

I certainly hope that British oldies radio enthusiasts discover Dan Ingram, Cousin Bruce Morrow, Dick Biondi and many other American radio personalities.

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