Friday, September 26, 2008

I just hate crowded subways and buses

Nothing specific happened today or even this week with subways or buses.  It just burns me up the way the people just can't use a little common sense and courtesy on public transportation.  My number one peever is the way that people just block doors.  If you are not getting off at the next stop, don't stand near the door.  People don't need advanced degrees to understand that, but they just do it anyway.  The MTA has added hycrid buses to their fleet.  It is certainly a good thing to save energy, but these hybrids are poorly designed.  In order to walk all the way to the back, riders must go up two steps.  Instead of doing that peo[le just stand by the back door and won't move when people try to get off.  What can I do?  Move to a rural area, I guess.

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