Saturday, December 1, 2007

1000 posts in 2 months!

On October 2nd this journal reached 3000 hits.  Today it reached the 4000 mark.  I really wonder who is lurking out there.  I am aware of the following people who make comments or just lurk:

NJIT People

Din (past)

Mike B (past)




Radio Enthusiasts

Alan B

Frank D

Dave D

Several oldies enthusiasts have asked my for the mp3 of Noshville Katz

Forest Hill High School Alumni

Mike S

Baseball Enthuiasts

Louise from Minnesota

I am wonder who else has found this journal.  If so please let me who you are.  Are there any Bob Dylan enthusiasts lurking?  My e-mail is


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Anonymous said...

I think because you and Mark Simone have made your friendship public you are a celebrity now Bruce!   Or maybe its just your blog is enjoyable to read.  I think its the latter.  Congratulations!

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