Sunday, December 2, 2007

And the Hits just keep on Coming

I stole that line from the old WOR-FM. I have gotten about 70 hits to this journal in the last two days.  Right now I am listening to Norm N Nite as he makes a guest appearance on the WCBS-FM Radio Greats show.  I think I told this story to Alan, but my other radio enthusiast friends may not know this story.  In June 1998, Karen, Lee and I planned a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  We got to Laguardia Airport to wait for the flight and we see Norm N Nite waiting for the same plane.  He was friendly and spoke to us for a few minutes.

It was a little snowy in the morning.  It was only about an inch, but enough to make driving a little hazardous.  I listened to the entire 2 hours of Sounds of the Sixties in one session this morning.  I spoke to Roy over the phone.  I have a tradition of phoning him exacting at 9 AM on Sunday mornings.  He told me that he enjoyed I'm Not There.  Back in the late 1960s I walked with Roy to Forest Hills High School.  We talked about the WMCA and WABC surveys.  He loved Motown, especially Diana Ross and the Supremes.  I remember in October 1966 You Keep Me Hangin' On by the Supremes jumped from Good Guy Sureshot to #1 on the WMCA survey.  He was in seventh heaven.

Getting back to today.  As I have mentioned before it is always nice to have a movie multiplex in the neighborhood on bad weather days.  We see the movie Beowulf.  Again, nothing to get excited about.

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