Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alan B is counting the hours and minutes

I was watchng the Knick game but they were losing badly to the Boston Celtics 37-18 in the middle of the second quarter.  The chants of "Fire Isiah" will be heard when the Knicks return to MSG.  Instead of watching a crummy game I decided to listen to 50s music not heard on WCBS-FM through XM that I get through AOL.  Right now they are playing Reet Petite by the late and great Jackie Wilson.

Anyway Saturday at 2 PM we will be celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Saturday Night Oldies (SNO) at Ben's Deli in midtown Manhattan.  As of now it is 40 hours and 41 minutes away. Alan B, SNO's most avid listener, probably will not be able to sleep until he enters the restaurant.  He will be so excited that he will forget to order his pastrami on rye.  It look likes today is the day for me to write about readers of this journal.  Anyway, this will also be a belated celebration of the return of oldies or should I say classic hits to WCBS-FM.  The station is skyrocketing in the ratings.

Let me trace the history of gatherings of oldies enthusiasts.  I was very active in an AOL folder for WCBS-FM listeners.  Mary S, Linda C, Walt P, Al G and a few others posted there regularly.  In 2000, 2001, and 2003 we had small gatherings at Mendy's a strictly kosher restaurant on East 34th Street.  Since Al is orthodox, we had to accommodate him.  In June 2006 with the help of Jeff S I organized a gathering at Ellen's Stardust Diner for the first anniversary of the demise of the original WCBS-FM.  Frank D, another reader of this journal organized the highly successful gathering at Bens just a year ago for the first anniversary of SNO.  Alan B became the greatest enthusiast of these get togethers.  Many of us got together at a WABC Rewound cruise last June.

Anyway Jeff S organized the 2nd anniversary party for SNO on Saturday.  I will take photos and report in this journal.  I will be sure to take photos of Alan so readers of Facebook will know what he looks like.  Jeff reports that 70 or more people could be there.

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Anonymous said...

The Meet & Greet looks to be a record-breaker in numbers. The food is exceptional. And portions like you wouldn't believe. If "JACK" shows up, he'll be the one eating crow.

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