Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saw some rare Beatles footage today

We took our annual trip to the Paley Center for Media ( formerly know as the Museum of Television and Radio.  Visitors can either go to the library and pick TV shows to watch ot view the various screenings offered by the center.  The schedule offered "What's Happening! The Beatles in the USA" produced by the Maysles brothers.  I had never seen this footage of the Beatles' first visit to the United States in 1964.  The late New York Disc Jockey Murray the K who called himself the Fifth Beatle appears throughout the film.  There were scenes of the Beatles train ride from NYC to Washington, D.C.  We also so a documentary about the Funny Women of Television featuring Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, and Candice Bergen among others.  Our last stop was the Ralph Guild Radio Listening Room where I heard a documentary about Frank Sinatra hosted by William B. Williams on WNEW (AM) in 1978.

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phoenixellen said... you wrote this almost a year ago...but I just joined FACEBOOK and read this now...

I have to tell you that I saw the Beatles LIVE in concert at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium when I was 13 in August 1964. Of course my seat was SO FAR from the stage they looked about an inch tall...but it was AWESOME!!!

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