Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am Legend

The weather was pretty lousy today.  There was mixed preciptation overnight creating slushy roads and sidewalks.  I had to take a short ride over to a paint store to buy stuff for the paint job of the kitchen.  The apartment is really a mess since Karen had to take everything out of the cabinets.

In the afternoon we walked over to the multiplex and saw I am Legend with Will Smith.  I thought the story line was a little too far fetched.  It did bring in $76.5 in ticket sales this weekend.

Getting back to Mets tickets.  For years the upper deck tickets were $1.30.  Back in those days Mickey Mantle mad $100,000 per years.  Somebody has to pay the players' salaries and for the new stadium

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Anonymous said...

First - a Happy belated Chanukah.

Second, I originally was going to suggest you go w/ the Yankees-Mets ticket package but knowing how big you are of a baseball fan, I definitely would go w/ the package that includes the final home game at shea stadium.  Who knows, they might even let you take home a souvenir (yeah right...and lose out on making a quick buck!).  

Thanks for the heads up on the movie.  Movies haven't been good for a while in my opinion.  I did see Transformers and Spiderman this year though but thats because I grew up watching Transformers and reading about Spiderman so those will always be exceptions to me (even if they are said to be bad movies).  

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