Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Party Today

Today most of the library staff had our holiday party at a restaurant in Newark called  Seabra Rodizio. I had been there several times before in the years that I worked at NJIT.  It is a good restaurant if you like meat.  Here is a review of it from the New York Times.

Two more days to go before the break


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you had such a wonderful time at your holiday party!

Back in the late 80's I worked for a Scrooge-type.

In fact I wrote a brief story that was published in the NY Times about a coworker who fell from atop his home ladder stringing lights near the roof. While hospitalized, he received a card saying
"Your services are no longer needed"
"Happy Holidays!"

But what I remember most about the holidays there was how he hated 2 things:
Closing early and holiday functions.

A new employee joined and it was her first Christmas. She was determined to break with tradition. She asked, and of course he said no party. She asked around if people wanted to do something, and in the end was able to convince Finance that the employees would pay 50% and that the company would put in the other 50%. We would go to a famous steak restaurant on the west side of Manhattan in the meat packing district. So Christmas Eve at noon the entire company got up, and headed out. When he was the only one that noticeably wasn't at the restaurant, I asked, and was told "He didn't want to have to put in his 50%."

Goes w/o saying we had a merrier time without him at our table.

Anonymous said...

Bruce: How is your kitchen coming along? You realize they have getaway weekends at the local Holiday Inn.

Have a safe night.

Dave in Chicago

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