Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lee wanted the last game at Shea Stadium

We let Lee make the choice of 7 - Pack tickets for the Mets

1.  Family Pack including a game against the Yankees

2. Goodbye Shea Pack - No Yankee game but includes the last regular game to be played at Shea Stadium

Lee picked the Goodbye Shea Pack.  I think after being a Met fan since 1962, I disserve to see the last game to be played at Shea.  I guess next September I will have a lengthy entry on Shea Stadium

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Anonymous said...

I had not checked your blog in a couple of weeks, so now had to make the important decision of which one to honor with my clever comments.  Easy choice: of course I need to tell Lee that the "last game at Shea" would be my choice for sure.  I moved to midwest in 63, so never had the chance for a game at Shea.  Trips back east were too short to include ballgames.  I do remember driving past a few times when they were building it, so I think I would also shed a tear to watch the wrecking ball.  We may be getting more snow tonight, so Dave is out on the deck and putting some plastic sheets over our tree for some protection.  I think I may have told you in our card that our new "tradition" here on the farm is to leave the tree out on the deck. We can see it easily from living room sofa and we do put lights on it and a few decorations (emphasis on FEW--easier for me) and it gives us more room inside for when the grandsons are here.  The added bonus of the tree on the deck is that the birds simply love it! We had a couple of feeders on the deck and also just throw birdseed on the tree in addition. . .and the birds love the protection of the branches and the availability of their food.  Have a good week!
Louise and Dave

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