Friday, December 21, 2007

11 Days Away From Work

One advantage of working for a university is that you don't have to work from Christmas to New Years.  Today the boss let everyone go home early.  All faculty and staff were invited to attend the Womans Basketball game against Wagner College.  Din, how could I go wrong when it was absolutely free.  NJIT let a 14 point lead evaporate but recovered at beat Wagner 55-54.  The women are 2-7 when the men have lost all 13 games.  No lunacy or spreadsheets until January 2!


Anonymous said...

Bruce, I think it would be fitting to invite A.B. over for dinner.

Following the dinner, he could help with the restoration of your kitchen.

By the way, serve lots of pastrami!!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky; we still have to go in Monday but got the "unofficial" word that the college will be closing at noon.  Everyone who has taken it off in advance will be charged a full vacation day.  This is so dumb.  I think community colleges suffer from little-man's disease sometimes--they think being open on Christmas Eve is an act of a big boy.  Anyway, happy holidays to you and the rest of the Slutsky family.

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