Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meet and Greet for Oldies Radio Enthusiasts

Today I attended a gathering of oldies radio enthusiasts at Ben’s Deli in Manhattan to celebrate the second anniversary of Saturday Night Oldies.  It was quite a successful event with 75 attendees.  There were similar events on June 3, 2006 and December 2, 2006.  The highlight of the afternoon was a little speech given by former WCBS-FM Dj Bobby Jay.  Bobby was let go on June 3, 2005 when the station all of a sudden became Jack- FM.  He has yet to appear on the new WCBS-FM that commenced on July 12, 2007.  He was very forthcoming and sincere with his radio enthusiast friends.  He made some comment that out of respect for him, I will not repeat here.  He has a radio gig on Sirius Satellite Radio.  Above is a picture of yours truly with Bobby.  Boy, do I look terrible.  The photos that I took may be seen at






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Anonymous said...

Bruce, it is a really great photo of you lending an ear to radio giant/performer Bobby Jay. It is apparent that the biggest names in radio have had your ear, from WABC legend Mark Simone

to Cousin Brucie (on the Rewound Cruise)*KQmxASzcmwIv4xQp5Fd3Ig=&size=m

I am sure that had you bought Brucie's Doo Wop book in person (and not on Amazon), he'd have wanted another photo with you.

It is an honor for me to call you friend.


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