Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Imus in the Morning anecdote

There is much talk about the return of Imus in the morning to the New York radio waves less than a year after he made a stupid remark about the Rutgers womens basketball team.  I was never a big fan of talk radio and was indifferent to Imus.  At times I listen to sports talk on WFAN, but very irregularly.  If you want to read my entries of May 24, 2006 and May 24, 2007, you will see that Bob Dylan's birthday is a holiday in my household.  One year I was listening to WFAN the evening of May 23rd and set the clock radio to wake us up the next morning.  The second the radio went on Imus said "Today is Bob Dylan's Birthday."  My wife and I had a big laugh as we woke up.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, a nice story. Thank you for sharing.

By the way, my AOL journal is as sterile looking as the lunar surface. When will mine have the colors and professional "look" that yours does? In 2015?

Anonymous said...

Everyone gravitates to both your pages--whether or not resembling the lunar surface.

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