Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When the Media Exaggerates the News

It is certainly very sad when a major entertainer passes away at a young age. I will certain not repeat here what has been said in the media about Michael Jackson or the circumstances of his untimely death. No entertainer has universal appeal. No person whether a celebrity or an "ordinary joe" has a pristine life story.

I must object to the extraordinary media coverage given today as the Michael Jackson funeral is in progress as I am writing this entry on my lunch hour. All of the major broadcast and cable tv outlets are covering his memorial service at the Staples Center in LA. I remember in November 1963 when the entire world stopped to watch the funeral of John F. Kennedy. The death of a popular yet controversial entertainer can not be equated. I just don't feel his funeral deserves this unversal media coverage.

I am especially disappointed that a local outlet New York 1 has chosen to cover the ceremony. I have always enjoyed their news coverage since they always emphasized New York City news that was meaningful. I even sent them an e-mail criticizing them for their coverage of this event. I doubt if they will respond.

Does the media report or create the news?

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