Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New York City Loses Country Music on the Radio Again

1996 was the last time that country music was heard on the regular FM airwaves in New York City. I don't want to give anyone a long radio history lesson here, but In February 1996 country music ended on WYNY at 103.5 FM. At that point in time it became WKTU as a rhythmic/dance station billed as the Beat of New York. Since that time there were a few suburbans stations who played country music, but they changed formats. When HD2 radio stations became available in 2006, 103.5 HD2 became a country music station.

Today 103.5 HD2 became a rhythmic station appealing to a gay and lesbian audience. It is now known as Pride Radio. I believe that the owner Clear Channel has this format on HD2 stations in othr markets. Right now I am listening to country music on Sirius/XM. People in NYC who like country music will have to get it from internet streams.

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