Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Trip to Atlantic City

For the first time in 4 years we took a day trip to Atlantic City. We decided to wait until this year so that we could take Lee to the casinos since he has passed his 21st birthday. The bus came by at 8:30 and we arrived in Atlantic City at about noon. Security is very tight in the casinos. We had to show identification to get a card allowing us to gamble and to get a $25 voucher. While we were in the casino about 4 people walked up to Lee asking for ID since he does not look 21 years old. I did not like the new technologies for the slot machines. It was somewhat fun to insert a quarter and hear the quarter spew out of the machine after a win and place your money in a cup. Now winnings and loses are recorded on a computer card.

Of course, I took my Sony Walkman to listen on the bus. I was able to check out several radio stations along the Jersey shore. We got home about 10 PM. A disadvantage is that 7 out of the 13 hours are spent traveling from Queens to Atlantic City, but with the casino voucher, the trip is almost free. I never had much gambling spirit, so playing with the slot machines is like laying video games. I just lost the $25 from the voucher. We spent some time walking along the Boardwalk and bought some of the famous Atlantic City taffy.

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