Thursday, July 2, 2009

Facebook and the AARP

I have written about Facebook several times in this journal. You just need to go to the search box at the top and search on "facebook" to read my earlier comments. I would like to comment on an article in the AARP Magazine titled Confessions of a Facebook Addict. AARP is open to those over 50 whether they are retired or not. Believe me when my favorite bald man starts making the rounds, I wish I were retired.

Anyway, Hugh Delehanty the author of this article,who is about my age talks about his experiences with Facebook. He says baby boomers are the web site's fastest growing demographic. He says that the "friending" thing was what got him hooked on Facebook. I first got invloved with it just after I attended a library seminar demonstrating how it could be an outreach tool to students. So I tried to friend as many NJIT students as I could. Since Slutsky is not a common surname I tried to befriend other Slutsky's even though there is no relation.

I have 436 friends, but I am not even acquainted with many of them. If a complete stranger makes a friend request, I will likely return the favor unless I am in a rotten mood that day. My friends fall into the following categories:
  • NJIT Students
  • NJIT Faculty and Staff
  • Family (blood relatives)
  • Radio Friends
  • Radio Personalities
  • Librarians and Information Professionals (non-NJIT)
  • People from my past - PS 139, JHS 190, Forest Hills HS, City College
  • Strangers - some have read my journal

I try to limit my time on Facebook, so I am don't consider myself an addict. There are certainly other social networking sites which I must avoid since there is only so much time in a day.

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