Monday, July 13, 2009

Do I Really Need another Radio?

It was announced yesterday the availability of a personal stereo that can receive HD stations. I am tempted to buy it for $50. On one hand you can say for $50 this is a no brainer, but can also think that cheap is cheap. I have owned an Accurian HD radio for almost 3 years. I get reasonably good HD reception in Queens about 8 miles from the transmitter. My basic disappointment is that except for WFUV and the True Oldies Channel on 95.5 HD2, programming on HD2 stations has not been fully developed. They are still only music streams. Maybe I should wait until more portables are on the market.

Anyway, I am looking around my apartment and count 10 radios including my car radio. Do I really need another one?

Andrea - how many radios do you own?

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