Thursday, July 9, 2009

Analyzing My Facebook Friends

I believe that it was about 3 years ago when I got started with Facebook. I attended a librarians conference at Princeton University when Shannon Kealey (a Facebook friend) gave a talk on how it can be used as an outreach tool for students. A short time later I tried to make friends with many NJIT students to promote the library. It didn't work well in that area, but it succeeded in reinforcing acquaintances that I already had. In order to raise my number of friends I contacted several people with the surname Slutsky. Most of them made friends with me even though I was not related to any of them. In 3 years I have made 438 friends. There is no point in trying to attain a big list. It is really the quality that counts. Anyway I thought I would make a statistical analyis of my Facebook friends. Hmm... maybe I should try to publish a paper on this. Nah! Here goes:

New York Librarians - 37 8.4%
New Jersey Librarians - 23 5.3 %
NJIT Colleagues - 48 11.0%
American Chemical Society Colleagues - 30 6.8%
Other Librarians - 21 4.8%
Radio enthusiasts - 99 22.6%
Family - 9 2.0%
NJIT Students - 110 25.1%
People from my past - 14 3.2%
Other Slutskys 13 0.2%
Bob Dylan Enthusiasts 1 0.2%
Others - 31 7.1%

Anyway, I really should "de-friend" many of the NJIT students whom I don't know especially if they have graduated. I should get on some Bob Dylan Facebook groups and make friends there.


Harry N said...

Bruce, let me understand are the only fan of Bob Dylan on your Web site according to your analysis?

Bruce's Journal is looking very good. Great color photos and good commentary.

Bruce S said...

Dave - I found out that some of my librarian friends were also Bob Dylan fans

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