Sunday, July 26, 2009

Broadway Show at Hofstra University

Broadway shows are very expensive. Last year we paid $100/ticket to see Jersey Boys for Lee's birthday. I also like a little variety in my "entertainment diet". I can't watch baseball games or listen to my radios all the time so I am always looking to try different forms of entertainment at different venues at a reasonable price. I found out about "I'm the Greatest Star" a Broadway musical review playing at Hofstra University. A few years ago we saw a remake of "Grease" there.

I was really luck that when we arrived at the theater we got one of the last seats left. I learned my lesson to order tickets in advance. This show was in a lecture hall that was converted into a theater for this show. It paid tribute to many of Broadway's greatest stars including Julie Andrews, Yul Brynner, Carol Channing, Nathan Lane, Zero Mostel, and Jerry Orbach among many others. The cast members sang selections from many songs heard on Broadway from 1900 to the present. We saw the last showing. For more information, please see:

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