Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Staycation Day

I drove out to Cunningham Park this morning to get some exercise.

I read this week's Sports Illustrated. There were article about the best baserunners in major league baseball, Ron Artest who recently signed with the L.A. Lakers, and Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

I got home at 12 noon in time to listen to the Beatles on Q-104.3. Maria Melito played a set of 3 George Harrison songs. At 12:15 I turned on 106.7-HD2 to hear Classic Lite for the last time. Tomorrow country music is supposed to move to that station.

At 12:30, I turned on the Meredith Viera version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire but at 12:35 it was interrupted a news report about elected officials in New Jersey who were arrested for corruption. This was important, but I didn't enough to break into scheduled programming. If this happened during Jeopardy I really would have been pissed off.

I went downstairs to read. About a week ago I purchased from Amazon the book So You Want to be a Rock'N'Roll Star, The Byrds Day by Day 1965-73. I have read biographies of the Byrds and its members, but this volume gives a detailed account of what the group did every day. Sometimes reading all the details can be boring. This was a heavy coffee taqble book which I can not schlep on the trains to work next week so I have to read it at home.

While I was sitting I brought my personal stereo to listen if I wanted to take a break from reading. I made the mistake of listening to Rush Limbaugh on WABC who was making derogatory remarks about President Obama and various United States Senators whom he doesn't like. If anyone reading this journal catches me listening to Limbaugh again, please come to my house and steal all my radios. Hmm.. should I post this on some radio message boards. :)

I then turned on Mike Francesa on WFAN who complained that ESPN TV and radio did not report the situation about Ben Roethlisberger, since he is a favorite of that organization.

I decided to walk down the block to the public library to check out a book that is light enough for me to schlep to work. I found Miracle Ball: My Hunt for the Shot Heard 'Round the World by Birian Biegel and radio personality Pete Fornatale. This is aobut the home run that Bobby Thompson hit off Ralph Branca in the 1951 National League playoff. While I was in the library I heard two people arguing about taking too long on a computer. I hear enough of this at NJIT, do I really want to hear about it on my vacation. Believe me, when I go to the public library, I find my book, check it out and leave. I don't need any more library aggravation.

When I came home and started surfing the web I got a phone call from contest enthusiast Cara Sieden. There was a question on B-103 about what hit did Rod Stweart sing with the Temptations. I didn't know the answer immediately, but I was able to look it up in my Joel Witburn book which lists every hit that was ever charted. It was the Motown Song recorded in 1991, I don't know if Cara won the contest.

Tomorrow is another day.

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