Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big New York City Radio News

In a three way deal the New York Times is selling classical music radio station WQXR. A Spanish organization called Univision will be taking over the 96.3 FM frequency while the classical music will move to 105.9 FM now WCAA. WQXR will now be owned by WNYC. 96.3 FM has a much better signal so classical music enthusiasts in the suburbs may have a problem with reception on 105.9 FM.

Nothing in this world remains the same. It is no secret that the New York Times among many other newspapers is having financial problems and wanted to sell the station. Some years ago a former colleague interested in classical music told me that he didn't like hearing his music on the radio since with commercials they could only play short pieces. Commercial classical music stations have been accused of having tight playlists which make real enthusiasts of that genre unhappy.

This is similar to a situation in 1988 when NBC got out of the radio business. It sold WYNY at 97.1 on the dial which then moved to 103.5 while WQHT moved to 97.1. I remember on that day I had two tape decks going to record the switchovers.

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