Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Bigtownman?

When the gmail service started, I wanted to have a backup e-mail address that did not have the name Bruce in it. A gmail account also allows one to use other services provided by Google. You can read my September 8, 2008 journal entry about the radio station WOR-FM or for more details go to the Wikipedia entry. Back in the late 1960s they had a jingle "The Bigtown sound WOR-FM". Bigtown of course is for New York City. So I am the Bigtownman, from the Big Apple. You can hear that jingle at

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Harry N said...

Bigtownman, Bruce? Sort of sounds like an actor in adult films.

The new journal looks great. Best of luck with it.

Not for nothing; it's very inexpensive to acquire your own domain name. I would suggest you get one and use it here.

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