Saturday, October 4, 2008

Are radio traffic reports reliable?

Lee and I drove to Cunningham Park this morning and arrived home about 10 AM.  We got off the Whitestone Expressway at the Linden Place exit as usual.  After I parked the car I noticed a big traffic jam leading to the Whitestone Bridge.  I thought that there must be an accident there since construction delays are not that bad.  Whe I got to the aprtment I turned on WCBS-AM to hear if there were any explanation of this jam on the traffic reports on the 8s.  I heard of other tieups in the NYC area, but nothing about the Whitestone Expressway.  My question is how reliable are radio traffic reports?  Drivers would listen to them to try to get to an alternate route if they hear of a delay in their area.  I assume that there must be a lag time between the development of a traffic jam and its report on the radio.


Anonymous said...

Bruce-If you think that traffic reports are not reliable, I think that the most unreliable reports are weather reports. Today I went to play Golf and there was no weather report that said it was going to rain. However, when I got up to Westchester, it started to rain for a short time. On Wednesday when I was off from work, they said it was going to rain all day and the sun was out all day and it did not rain until late at night. The people who give traffic and weather reports get paid very good money and they should get it right.-snofan1

Anonymous said...

no wonder there's such a traffic jam, most appear to be driving on the wrong side of the road.

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