Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tell Tale Signs





There used to be so many places to buy records, tapes, and CDs, but the music store is quickly becoming a dinosaur.  I could have purchased this new Dylan CD through amazon.com or other electronic retailer, but I decided to try to relive the thrill of running to a music store to buy a new release of a major artist.  There is a Borders right outside Penn Station, so I bought the 2-CD set on the way home today.  Most of it is alternative versions of tracks that were originally released from 1989-2006.  This is not my favorite Dylan period, but I enjoyed it.  I did get a chance to listen to it while it was streamed for free on http://npr.org .  Tonight I was able to listen to the first CD.  Hopefully I'll have time to listen to CD #2 tomorrow when I get home from work and before the start of Yom Kippur.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce-I just bought Bob Dylan's new CD as well today. When I first listened to preview of the CD on Amazon, I did not care for the CD because I am more of a fan of Dylan's earlier material. However, when I listened to it again I started to like the CD. It is a good collection of Dylan's unreleased later material. I urge all of the readers of your Journal to buy this CD as well.-snofan1

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