Thursday, October 23, 2008

700 posts in 3 years

October 15th was the third anniversary of this journal. So in 3 years and 8 days I have written 700 posts. For this one i've decided to just put some random thoughts of one sentence or less. Here goes:

I can't watch Shea Stadium being deconstructed so I look the other way on the #7 Train.

We are taping Johnny Cash from the Biography Channel at 1 AM on Friday


Is there anything else for the good of the order?

Is there anything interesting on dave DuBrow's wall on Facebook?

Saturday Night Oldies on October 25th will only be 30 minutes, so I'll watch the World Series.

The Knicks season begins next week with their new coach.

We will have to paint our apartment within the next few months.

I just can't stand people who constantly repeat themselves.

Life is always a series of endings and new beginnings.

After the World Series the Mets will begin to make player moves.

I will pick my table very carefully at the next event in 44 days.

I have been getting significantly less e-mail lately.

You have to be grateful to have a job these days.

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Harry N said...

Bruce: Your latest memo reminds me of Larry King's former column in the newspaper USA Today.

It used to run on Monday's. He would write one or two sentences about a dozen things or so. It was pretty good.

I note Gigi has started her birthday and passings posts again. The problem is she doesn't do it on a regular basis. It almost seems like it's done on a whim. People are creatures of habit. They have comfort zones and they expect certain things daily. The Artist File strives to appear seven days a week.

The Breeder's Cup is Oct. 24 and Oct. 25. Pray for me!

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