Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote for your favorite radio personality

Rdio enthusiast Rich Appel writes a column called Hz So Good for a newsletter called Decalcomania. He is asking people to vote for their 25 favorite radio personalities which may be disk jockeys or talk radio hosts. You may e-mail him your choices at by November 11. Here are my choices in no particular order. I numbered the entries to make sure I limited my choices to 25.

1. Harry Harrison
2. Bruce Morrow
3. Gary Owens
4. Dick Biondi
5 Brian Matthew
6. Pete Fornatale
7. Bobby Jay
8. Mark Simone
9. Bob Shannon
10. Chuck Leonard
11. Ed Baer
12. Dan Daniel
13. Jack Spector
14. Ron Lundy
15. Norm N. Nite
16 Bwana Johnny
17. Bob Lewis
18. Frank Kingston Smith
19. Alex Bennett
20. Herb Oscar Anderson
21. Roscoe
22. Frankie Crocker
23 B. Mitchell Reed
24. Murray the K
25 Johnny Michaels


Harry N said...

Scott Muni---Dan Ingram---Pat St. John?

As you stated, you kept your list to 25.

Bruce S said...

I admit I should have picked those 3. I picked the first 25 that came to mind. Rich Appel will compile the results and announce it in his newsletter. I have no idea how many people will vote.

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