Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Thoughts of the Day

This morning I was sleeping when the clock radio went off.  This is very unusual for me.  Anyway when I woke up a was dreaming about a pizza with several toppings on it.  I guess it was just another crazy dream.

I have not yet recived instructions from AOL on how to transition this journal to another blogging service.  I would hate to lose my entries over the last 3 years.  There is just too much to move manually.

I put a counter on my work related journal. I want to get an idea of how many people are visiting.  Only one person has commented there.

I was thinking about commenting about Michael Bloomberg and Sarah Palin, but I think I'll keep politics out of this journal.

Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Bruce -     You are a gentleman as usual.  I hope you find a solution for this great journal.        Cara

Anonymous said...

Bruce-You are a very wise man. I never discuss my Political views on the internet or join any Political Group on Facebook or on any Website. If you do that, you are looking for trouble. I will be very glad to discuss my Political Views with anybody in private.-snofan1

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