Thursday, June 5, 2008

Three Day Weekends All Summer

One of the perks of working for a university is having lots of time off.  I get 20 vacation days, 3 personal days, and the week off between Christmas and New Years.  For many years we were given a 30 hour work week during the summers by having to work one hour less each day.  About 5 years ago the NJIT administration decided that in order to save money on energy we could work 30 hours in 4 days.  By closing the university on Fridays they save $200,000 every year by not providing air conditioning and lights for that one day.  Everybody just loves it.

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Anonymous said...

It never stops for you Bruce! I have to contend with The Belmont on Saturday. It's the third leg of the Triple Crown. Chicago is hot and humid with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees.

On the bright side, I dined at a Red Lobster yesterday and it was okay. The two alcholic drinks I enjoyed made dealing with the heat and humidity more bearable.

I hope you enjoy your three-day weekends. That brutal commute to work has earned you the extra day off!

Until next time, remember to swim with a buddy!

And finally, I will be taking Monday, June 9 off to decompress from what will be a work-intensive stressful three days starting in one hour.

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